God’s Diet: How to be Super Healthy

God’s Diet: How to be Super Healthy

Now let’s use this episode to define another
term – food.
I want to deal with this issue now because
food is such wedge issue between the Church
and the Jewish people, and even causes
severe dissention within the Church itself.
Let me be unequivocal
The lord intended for food to be used as a means to
divide and polarize
Genesis 1:29-30 explains what food is defined as at this
point in history.
29 Then God said, “Here!
Throughout the whole earth I am giving you
as food every
seedbearing plant and every tree with seed-bearing
30 And to every wild animal, bird in the air
and creature crawling on the earth, in
which there is a living soul, I am giving
as food every kind of green plant.”
And that
is how it was.
Food for mankind and animals was plants and
plants alone.
Now did that mean that some
animals didn’t eat other animals and that
man did NOT eat meat at this time?
No; rather it
meant that God defined food as plants and
therefore when animals or humans ate
animals (or other things) they were eating
things that were NOT food.
Not even fish was
for food as of this time.
Let’s explore that.
Noach was told to bring food into the Ark
for his family and for the Animals
Again, what is food?
Food is what is appropriate as a source of
nutrition for our bodies.
The question that is larger, however, is:
who defines what is appropriate as food
and what is not. Who defines it?
What SHOULD be consumed as food contrasted
with what might be (but ought not to be)
consumed as food.
God defined food in the first chapter of Genesis.
However man soon decided he preferred
something else to be added to his diet.
But to God’s way of thinking humans (and
apparently some animals) began to eat things
that are forbidden because they are NOT
Think about it, can you eat dirt?
Of course you can and anyone who has a child
or grandchild has
probably watched in horror as they gulped
down a mouthful of dirt before you could stop
Do you know why they ate dirt?
Because in some way it smelled and tasted
good to
So why would you want to stop them?
Because it’s not food; dirt is for
Food, by God’s definition, is not merely
anything that you can manage to get into your
mouth and swallow, or anything that might
taste reasonably good.
Not even anything just because it can be digested
That is the entire point of God carefully
defining what His people may and may not eat
the Law of Moses.
God has carefully defined what food is and
what food is not.
food that is not kosher (so to speak) is to
eat things that are not food.
Now of course
Hebrew Tradition has created a lot of rules
and regulations on the subject and much of
is of a very questionable nature.
Rules have been created that seem to go well
beyond the rather simple intent of what is
proper eating as described in the Torah.
But the bottom line is this: when the Bible
the term food, it by definition means things
that God has assigned for men to eat.
That’s what it means.
Whether Old Testament or New, when a Hebrew
speaks of food it ONLY means Kosher
food because all else is NOT food.
You’ll never see in the Bible the word “kosher”
“authorized” or “permitted” used as a
modifier to the
word “food” because it would be redundant.
Food is ONLY things that are divinely
authorized and clean (ritually clean) and
meant to be eaten.

26 thoughts on “God’s Diet: How to be Super Healthy

  • At the end of the video you referenced Hebrews 13:14 MKJV, "Here! Throughout the whole earth I am giving you as food…….. etc. I am unable to locate this verse even with google. Please provide the correct information. Thanks

  • gen 1:29 YAHUAH says plants are food for us. Mal 3:6 says HE never changes. So what YAHUAH told Noah about eating animals was for a specific reason, the reason being the year long flood destroying the food for humans. That is why we see in the desert YAHUAH giving Israel only vegan food (manna) but the people desired the meat they got when they were in Egypt, so YAHUAH provided Quall but also killed thousands of them for desiring meat, the law of sowing and reaping applied and since they killed those animals they also died.

  • Hello, praise Yah love this can you please email me i would like to know if i cam share something that was inspiring to me and i would like to know if i can share it with you.Here is my e-mail address [email protected] May Yah truly bless you both

  • For sometime now exists the scientific proof for the New Revelation of God ( https://Godsletters.com )

  • Thank you for another very good video on this subject, I believe what the Bible has to say about this but unfortunately I haven't followed it, I did for a while, I was a vegetarian, I know one thing I sure felt better and my mind was clear but my taste buds got the best of me.

  • According to the Bible & evolutionary & nutritional science plants are the optimal food source. Of course a Vegan diet requires a B-12 supplement.

  • Well, I'm a Christian Vegan. I don't want to eat animals, or their by-products. I don't think it's wrong, however, if a Christian wants to eat steak.
    You are what you eat. If you put crap in, your body won't function well and you will feel sluggish.

  • Very good. Thank you! One thing… moses does not dictate what is clean and unclean. Noah does. Moses teaches this to the Hebrews. When Noah landed the Ark he presented a sacrifice to the Lord. Remember to the Hebrews sacrifice does not mean to ritually kill the animal. It is to properly cook and feed the community. So Noah identifies clean and unclean animals… thinking about Noah may be liken to a Zoologist, living and learning about the animals identifying characteristics. Also taught in Pharoahs house, the descandants of Ham All the kingdoms derived from this knowledge, including Egyptian. And dare i reveal, Hittite and Amorite aka Ham, Japheth and Shem; children of Noah. From Noah all things are identitified and instructed to make sure do not eat the blood! Which is written across all holy books in the timeline…

  • The covenant God made with Abraham was BEFORE the law of Moses…
    God made a promise to Abraham that is not superceded by Moses…

  • did not Christ Yeshua eat the Passover meal (lamb)? And did He not eat fishes with His disciples??

  • God's people have always ate meat ever since the garden of Eden. Abel was a Shepherd, Cain was a tiller of the ground. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all shepherds. Shepherds were an abomination to the Egyptians because the Egyptians were vegans.
    Then when the children of Israel left Egypt they kept the Passover and ate Lamb (everyone of God's).
    Then God told at Mt Sinai that any who didn't keep the Passover (eat the Passover lamb) was to be cut off from Israel.
    Eating meat is definitely one of the health principles of the Bible.

  • Not sure why but I found Tom Bradford not very helpful. Kosher food is specifically what exactly? Does that include legumes, grains, seafoods, shellfish, poultry, pork, cheese, chocolates…?? Just veggies, mana and quail?

  • I feel the fallen one's messed with our DNA .so now we kill other forms of life..if we were made to eat meat we would eat it raw..,and yea I myself eat meat.and that's why we have all this bad DNA and illnesses.and don't live long..we are devolving.

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