Fast Food on the Streets with Rob Greenfield

“Hello! Can I take your Order?”
“Yes! I will take a large order of loquats
and a side order of Turk’s cap hibiscus and Bidens alba.”
“Yeah, we don’t have any of those.”
“You think this is fast food?
I’ll show you my idea of fast food!”
Bidens Alba
Turk’s Cap Hibiscus
“You’d be surprised at how much food is growing freely all around us.”
“We simply have to open our eyes
and look at the world through a new lens
Plus – this fast food won’t kill us
but will actually make us happier, healthier, and more sustainable human beings.”
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88 thoughts on “Fast Food on the Streets with Rob Greenfield

  • Always looking for wild apple trees. They're everywhere (people toss their apple cores out the window lol). I've found some beauties – wonderful fresh, in pies or stewed on top of yoghurt with seeds. Great video!

  • I live in fla. never seen a loquat.Never see free food.but I am container gardening and I love your videos!

  • Hi Rob!
    I want to let you know that you've inspired change in my life. My way of life is gradually shifting, and I am ever thankful for you and all that you're doing.
    Much love <3

  • Very nice little video. Your whole lifestyle is very impressive. I've learned so much about the same stuff, but have applied a lot less of what I've learned. That's all good, you make it clear that we can change our patterns wherever we are. I'm getting excited for the spring, grow as much food as possible in the garden. Thinking a little way I can do the same as you is have days where all my food comes from the garden. I love fasting every day and having one big meal in the evening off what I can gather that day sounds super fun.

  • True, I was raised on Japanese plums, blackberries in Jacksonville Florida, a long long time ago. Love Japanese plums is what we called them. My parents had 2 tree in the backyard

  • Lastly late seeing your post as I have been offline all day spending time outside soaking in the hot mineral SPRINGS and I had a massage. BOOM, BOOM

  • hi rob, your right theirs a lot of people with fruit tree but unfortunatly ALL of those fruits from the trees goes to waste because the owner don't share with people, I see a lot of them in the side walk wasted I think if they don't want to give it for free that's fine but they should have a sign saying that they could take some but to leave a donation, theirs this old couple that out out in a tray lemons and they have a sign how much for few lemons I think that will help those that can't aford to buy fruits every time that's my point if view

  • I didn't know you could eat turk's cap! I really want to learn about wild edibles! I'm not far from you, Rob! I'm in Tampa. Maybe you could do a wild edibles class?

  • you are life goals!!!! I just wish I had seen this 5 minutes ago before I inhaled 3 slices of pizza, but at least I went running/hiking for 4.5 hours today

  • très drôle. L'humour est garant d'une belle journée. La mienne commence bien ! merci
    * Very funny. Humor is garant of a great day. Mine is starting fine. Thank's ( from south of France)

  • I love you Rob Greenfield more I love ur videos and whatever you have done ur great 👄💋❤👌👌

  • Hey Rob i am now 13 years old and how you live inspires what i can do for the earth and my comunity i love your video’s and keep up the good work.

  • Hey everyone!
    I've just added a bunch of resources to the video description. If you're interested in find food growing in your area, then check out these resources!
    Health and happiness to you all!

  • Most of the masses have forgotten foraging and what wild edibles we can eat unfortunately this is a subject I would like to learn more about.

  • Urban garthering. I am thinking of going into the woods this weekend to find some morels and nettles.

  • Love it! Made me laugh at the take out order machine. Great video concept to educate and inspire! We want to be happy healthy sustainable human being! Hey can I share this on NW Permaculture instagram ? If you have an IG I will credit you.

  • Rob, your adventure/challenge to a sustainable and self-responsible life fascinates me. I've slowly transitioned into making better and sustainable choices but don't come close to what you have achieved. I was wondering if you're writing a book about the systems you've created, the thinking and planning behind each system, and other suggestions about those systems? I understand that you have created and lived this lifestyle in San Diego and now Florida. Have you created this lifestyle in an area that's colder and wetter like the Pacific Northwest? One of my challenges moving toward the more drastic choices you've made is that I'm a public school teacher. I know of some teachers who live simply but none nearly as self-sufficiently as yourself. The second challenge is age. I'll be 60 in about a month, and though I feel healthy and energetic most of the time, I do have less energy than I did in my 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Given father time, I suspect I have less energy in my 60s. That said, I imagine an existence modifying what you've done: better insulated small house with access to indoor shower and toilet area, a separate indoor 10 X 10 kitchen. Since I'm a teacher and work 10+ hours Monday through Friday and a few hours on weekends grading and planning lessons, it would be challenging to grow, glean, and otherwise forage for 100% of my food. I sure would like to see in one book how you do it, and then I can move towards a more successfully simple and self-sustainable life. You are a leader in this way, so thank you so much.

  • Rob u are always welcome here at my home to teach me how to grow my own food , u can live in my home or out in back if u want make a tiny home. I'm on SSDI so I can't afford a tiny home but I'm so sick of being sick and would love to help u and u help me be more sastainable and eat more fresh plant based.

  • Whoa wait a second – those are people's fruit trees? Ok ok — are we to assume he has permission and stuff? Foraging is cool, but not when it's somebody else's property, lol!! But this guy seems cool, I'm pretty sure he asked first.

  • I enjoyed this short video. Im wanting to get some native paw paw and mulberry established along with trying bannana plants as another garden successfully got them to grow by winter mulching. I also got black berries from a volunteer growth on property. I constantly look for volunteers.
    I found a place thats perfect for a permaculture garden and tiny homes, and the farmhouse is big enough for persons to visit to see if this is the right fit for them.

  • Rob Greenfield, your life is whole.. well done.. stay happy and healthy. I remember my childhood, I'm just walking around going to near plants and trees for snacks and food.

  • wonderful !~!!! I just stumbled on your channel ! You have a friend here ! I'm trying to grow a permaculture food forest in TN. Just started to document it on a you tube channel !

  • we live in Alaska and find this so refreshing. Still snow on the ground and starting to really be light late. Maybe in another month we can start foraging and fishing and looking n the forest for medicines and stuff available. Trying tapping the birch trees to make syrup…What a wonderful world we live in if we only open our eyes. You are so inspiring and your project is so fun to watch…especially since we only have snow and ice still….

  • Rob if you ever find yourself in the Miami or coral gables area come see my veggie garden I’ve got tons of stuff and if you get here in July I’ve got the best mangoes in town I’ll share with you and hopefully some watermelon. I live in the city and garden on all sides of the house. Please come visit

  • Please make one video near the beach at your place while harvesting sea water for sea salt would also forage for some seafood.

  • Omg, I just noticed this surname cherry on my cement pathway into my house and after watching your video, learned that it’s edible. They are nummy, indeed. I live in southwest Florida, yay!!

  • After checking your videos, I decided to remove most of my "likes" on Youtubes… Most of them are just so less nutritious and cannot compare with yours… You and your videos are so warm hearted and make me feel so good…. I was always a bit of depressed and anxious, but now I decide to stand up again and face all those challenges in my life….because of your videos.

  • I wish my city had such natural resources. Most are either contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides. But hey, I can still try growing something at home, right?

  • Hi Rob, can your vids be reused really? I wanna get some clips from your videos (not the whole reupload) if you allow it. Thank you so much.

  • I use to do that when I was a kid, we would go around picking all the fruits that grew in public places, such as the loquats, we would use our flip flops to throw when we cant reach the fruits, it would be too high and sometimes our flip flops would be stuck on the tree, we had people calling the police on us. we didn't do it because we get a high from it or anything like that but we did it because we were poor and growing up in broken families and broken communities.

  • As long as the neighbors don't mind you picking off their loquats and mulberries you're all set! These videos are making me rethink my life.

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