Another overlooked aspect of helping every player to play his or her best is club fitting. Club fitting can consist of the driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons (this includes the wedges), and the putter. Many players that play the game, especially beginners or those that have been playing for a relatively short period of Vclubshop time, are unaware of club fitting and the advantages that properly fitted clubs can have on their ball striking. P.G.A. Professionals and P.G.A. touring pros alike take advantage of this technology, and so should you.

There are several things to consider, and for that matter, things you should do before going through the golf club fitting process. First, seek the advice of a local P.G.A. Professional by taking a lesson, or series of lessons to help improve your game before making your decision to purchase a set of clubs. Your instructor will eventually be able to advise you on which type of club (players, game improvement, maximum game improvement), brand/brands of clubs you should consider, as well as eventually being able to perform the club fitting for you, or referring you to a qualified fitter in your area. Regardless of whom you hire to do your club fitting, make sure that the individual has the latest in fitting technology to help fit you correctly (i.e. launch monitor). A launch monitor measures club head speed, ball speed, the balls spin rate, ball flight, carry distance, and more. There is usually an affordable fee to perform a club fitting, however there are many club fitters that will perform the fitting free of charge as long as the purchase is made through the Vclubshop club or business in which they own, or are employed. Make sure they are willing to price match other clubs or golf retail stores in your area. The club fitter will take you through a thorough process that will consist of determining the correct grip size, shaft length, shaft flex, shaft composition, lie angle, club head design, and set make-up that would be the most beneficial for you.

As I stated earlier, the P.G.A. Professional or qualified master club fitter will give you options, as well as their own recommendations as to which brands/models that you should choose. I would highly recommend that if you are doing an indoor fitting that you try the recommended brands/models in a “real world” setting by Vclubshop taking them to the golf course, and/or to the driving range to determine how the club feels, that the weight of the club is to your liking, and of course to be able to see the actual ball flight and distance that you are hitting the ball. All players should discover the benefits that proper club fitting can have on their games.

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