Unlike adult backpacks, where you can sacrifice your comfort in favor of a stylish look, kids’ backpacks should be chosen in such a way to solve the biggest problems children face: their lack of comfort.

Here are the basic rules which should be obeyed when purchasing kids’ backpacks so that your little one will have a nice posture and a healthy body during school.

#1 Do not purchase backpacks which do not have a padded back as the weight from the backpack will be directed towards their back. Also, pointed pens or crayons may go through the backpack and hurt your child, while a padded back prevents them from this type of accident.

#2 Look for kids’ backpacks which have a waist band. This supplementary stripe will help distribute the weight in a more diffuse way and will take the heavy weight off their shoulders and project it evenly on the top part of their body.

#3 Choose an ergonomic backpack that will place the weight kids backpack with wheels all over the body and not only on the shoulders. There are plenty of options for this type of backpack, so it should not be hard to find a suitable one for your child.

#4 If you think that a regular backpack will be too heavy for your child to carry, there is always the option of rolling backpacks which can be carried either on the shoulders or can be rolled on the ground as they have small wheels, just like rolling suitcases.

#5 Last, but not least think about the functionality of the backpack. The more compartments and small pockets it has the easier it will be for you (or your children) to organize all the luggage they have to carry to school and back. This way not only will they always know exactly where each little item is located, but you will also teach them how to be organized, which is a good lesson for the future.

Once you have made sure the backpack you want contains all the above mentioned features you can start working on the color and the patterns which your kid prefers.

There are different models, colors, fabrics and patterns available on the market so there will be plenty of options from which you can choose.

As long as you keep in mind that your child’s safety and comfort are far more important than their looks, you are on the right track for finding your kid a backpack that they will always remember and with whom they will feel comfortable even in high school.

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