Dieselnoi Watches: Samart vs Dieselnoi the “Holy Grail” of Fights (1982) turn on English Subtitles

Dieselnoi Watches: Samart vs Dieselnoi the “Holy Grail” of Fights (1982) turn on English Subtitles

Good morning, My dear boxing fans.
Today, Sylvie is going to interview me.
S- Well, this match was very famous.
S- And in the old days …
We are talking about the match with Samart, right?
S- Yes. Once you knew you were going to fight Samart, how long had it been since your last fight?
At that time, I’ll say this first, before the match
with Samart, I didn’t have any fights for about
6-7 months.
S- 7 months?
Didn’t have any fights.
S- Who was the last fight with, before Samart?
At that time, it might be a Japanese fighter.
Martial Art … Martial Art
Yes, Martial Art match and then I stopped for several
I stopped training, but my gym was different
from other gyms.
That is, whether the fighters had a fight or
not, after the last fight is finished, you only
rest 4-5 days and then you must
return to practice again.
S- Yes.
The question is ‘How do I prepare myself?’.
During that time, I didn’t have many opponents.So [for Samart] I
had to lose a lot of weight.
Because, originally, I was quite tall and didn’t
cut much weight [for my weight class, 135 lbs].
I didn’t have a fight for a long time and I had to cut a lot of weight.
Like when I had a match with Samart, I reduced a
total of 22 pounds.
S- 22 pounds!?
Took a total of 26 days to reduce the weight. I cut weight slowly over that time, a different method.
I couldn’t use the typical 2 day reduction method. Total
fasting, no food/water, not like that.
I would weigh myself before training and see how much I was over, then again after and see how much I lost
How much was I over after training? And based on that, what can I eat?
Cutting down gradually.
S- Could you drink water?
I only drank normal warm water. Warm water and hot
For about 20 days. I drank only warm/hot water. Never cold water.
S- Could you train all-out?
I trained all-out and then would take a hot shower.
S- Many people don’t understand when Dieselnoi
says train “all out”, how truly intense that is.
S- Nobody trained like Pi Doi (Dieselnoi’s nickname), you were so strong.
S- couldn’t eat or drink, but trained the same as usual
… very strong, right?
Well, the word ‘nakmuay’ [fighter]… means you must endure.
What does ‘endure’ mean? Not only endure the opponents’
endure the training, endure controlling your weight.
This all is part of the system [cycle].
What does one do, if one only has a fight once in a while?
Being big, in order to cut weight, I had to train like this [harshly].
You asked me how I had the strength to train?’
I’ll be honest, I didn’t have strength. I drank Red
Bull [energy drink] before training.
I was addicted to Red Bull for a while.
S- Arjan [title of respect] you knew Pi Mart [Samart’s nickname].
I knew him.
S- … for some time. And fighters from your gym had fought him before.
S- So then Arjan, once you knew you would be fighting Pi Mart,
what did you think?
To fight with Samart. He was skilled, a Femeu fighter [artful], he’s quick. He was quite skilled.
But I saw that he only excelled in his weight
class. [126 lb champion]
But this fight was at 130 lbs [Dieselnoi was 135 lb champion]
at this weight he doesn’t have to cut much, he’s often above it, because he also didn’t have opponents.
At that time, there were almost no fights at 130 lbs
Samart beat only 2 opponents at that weight – Padejseuk and Nongkhai at 130 pounds . There was
no one else at that time.
So, he was skilled. But did best in his own weight class.
S- Arjan, what did you look out for against
Samart? You weren’t afraid.
Only strength and endurance. I wasn’t worried about
anything else.
I knew how Samart fought.
My concerns were: 1. Strength, will I be able to
hold myself up? Because I had cut a lot of weight.
2. I planned that from round 1 to 3 I had to pressure him, closing the distance.
Because in round 4 to 5 I definitely wouldn’t have
much strength.
If I allowed Samart to breathe in rounds 1 or 2, then tried to accelerate in later rounds, I would never catch him.
This was my only plan.
S- Since you were already friends, did it bother you that you had to fight?
It was the most stressful thing in my life as a fighter …
I can say that.
We fought seriously.
Serious punches, serious kicks
It was just that we wouldn’t take an opportunity to
humiliate our opponent. And not “fan sok” [elbow each other] back and forth.
To accept whatever result, keeping it in the ring,. That was enough because we were friends and would remain so. That’s right.
S- When you had to cut all that weight, it wasn’t the usual method right?
Normally, you check your weight first thing in the morning, before going out for the run to see how much you’re over.
For example…
13 pounds over [before anything].
Finish the run,
then come to training,
I would do all the normal morning training, then when finished I would weigh myself again, to see how much was lost.
How much did I sweat?
But I’ll tell you this, I was the type that sweat
a lot.
In just one day I would lose at least 6 pounds.
6 pounds, 8 pounds, I would lose that much.
In just 1 day of training.
Let’s say, I was 15 pounds over.
At the end of the day I would have only 8 pounds left to lose.
I would review what I ate the day before. And how
many days I had left.
If there’re more than 10 days left, I would eat the
same. No need to do anything different. Just keep it in mind.
Eat the same.
But I had already stopped drinking cold water [warm water only]. Staying in control but eating the same.
Next day, go to training again, keep control, check weight, if it’s good eat the same…
With 8-10 days to go, close to the fight, I then I started to reduce my food further
Suppose I had before eaten this much. Half a glass of
water and a little fruit. I then cut out the fruit.
Continuing to train, the next day I would
check how much I weighed. Just cutting weight gradually like this.
On the start of the final day, after cutting weight for such a long time, I was still 8 pounds over.
After training I was still 3-4 pounds over.
I wasn’t there yet.
When I slept that night, having eaten something, my
weight went up. In the morning, I was
8 pounds over again.
So I was at my same pre-training weight again the next morning.
So I jumped rope from 7:00 AM until after 11:00 AM
I checked my weight again, still 3 pounds over
I jumped rope some more, got down to 2 pounds over. This time wearing 3 pairs of
pants, and 5 shirts.
I carried a small plate of sliced ​​lime,
salt, and some hot water.
Wherever I went, I carried this with me: a thermos of hot water and salt.
When I was thirsty, I dipped the lime into salt and squeezed it (into my mouth).
My meal was one spoonful of rice.
In the morning, I was given one bowl (of rice). I dared not
eat it, I ate only a spoonful.
I managed myself like this until 2:30 pm, checked my weight and was still 2 pounds over.
This time, I went into a “chicken coop” – [a makeshift Thai sauna].
Set the boiling water. Went into the chicken coop. I just sat and cried.
Sweat came out, pooling on the floor. Wipe [the body down].
Still 2 pounds or pound and a half to go.
Went in again, sweat pooling. Wipe. Weigh again.
Same weight – more than a pound. That meant the
weight wasn’t coming off anymore.
I was really sweating, but the weight wasn’t coming off anymore.
What could I do? I was wearing all these shirts.
That evening I didn’t eat anything.
I took sleeping pills.
Now, the sleeping pills and my physical condition
conflicted with each other.
I didn’t sleep at all, I just rested with my head
hung down like this.
I sat (…). pardon my language – I sat and urinated
into a plastic bag like this… My head hanging
down. I just tied it off [the bag] and left it like that.
After this I struggled in and out of sleep all night.
In the morning, I checked my weight and was 1 pound
The limit was 133 pounds … sorry, 132 pounds.
People bet 2:1, I would be over
And many people said that my side would bully Samart into accepting the higher weight [at weigh in]
people said that we made the match at 132 because I couldn’t make 130 lbs.
My boss, Mr. Kuang, said that ‘You have to do it [drop to 130] so that no one says I couldn’t.
At dawn, I went to weigh in.
The audiences that day… there were so many people, it had to be a record.
And there is a fee of 1 Baht per person,
you never had to pay admission to watch weigh in before.
This was the first time – if I remember correctly.
I went up on the scale.
Samart was normally 133 lbs, so he only had to cut 1 lb.
He didn’t really have to cut at all.
As for me, I weighed in…
“Dieselnoi! Stand still, Stand still. 129 and a half”
You could hear: “Ooh”
S- HaHaHaHaHa.
Because I cut 2 pounds more than necessary. Then I
showered, wiped off and ate one bowl (of rice).
Would you believe it? I ate but my tongue was numb.
Ice cold water with red syrup [Hale’s Blue Boy] but my tongue was numb.
I ate only this much but vomited half of it.
But I had to brace myself and eat. To have something in my stomach.
S- Arjan, I don’t quite understand. You had to endure this…
S- When you fought, in the fight you didn’t look weakened. How?
For this, it has to do with the weight cutting method, it’s different for each person.
For example, some people cut very quickly,
they just don’t eat anything for 2 days.
recovering after this is very hard, it can result in gastritis.
And for me – I did it over a period of time, I had to endure.
So by the time of the fight, I was recovered.
In the evening, by fight time, I had gained back 8 lbs.
Big body. Small arms. Small legs. Sunken eyes. No power. But I had energy.
For fighters, don’t give them a saline IV.
The IV makes them sluggish.
It’s up to each person. This is my opinion.
Most important is that you sleep.
Even if it’s only half an hour, then so be it.
Sleep is the best.
By evening, your body will have recovered.
S- It had been 7 months since your last fight, then you’re going to fight with Samart. Were you nervous?
S- Did you feel nervous?
I wasn’t nervous. Because at that time, I was training – it was so hard to find an opponent, I would fight anybody.
I was training every day, but I had no income. I really needed to fight.
After so much time, to finally have a fight…
At that time, I really wanted to quit.
I even took a knife and cut myself.
After the fight with Samart was over, I cut myself with a knife.
I had given up.
But you asked me whether I was nervous? I wasn’t nervous because I wanted to fight.
S- When Arjan was the champion and there was no opponent. – why would nobody fight you?
Afraid of losing? It had to do with money?
That no one would fight with me meant their fame or skill was not at my level.
Such a match would not be exciting to watch.
Everyone would think I was just grabbing easy wins.
S- Everyone knew already that you would win.
Do you know what was great about that time? It was great that the promoters
They celebrated the 130 lbs class, the big class
[for Thais at that time], as the best of the best.
– The 130 lbs class was the ideal.
All the famous fighters in the past fought each other.
Wherever you were from, in the end, if you were good you would fight.
They dared to book you. They would deal with the fighter’s gym.
Fighters weren’t directly under promoters like today.
Today, you have 3 matches for a promoter and
you don’t have to go anywhere else. He manages you directly.
This system makes it difficult for Muay Thai today to find great talent because …
Not everyone will fight with everyone. In the old days, all the top fighters fought each other.
For me: Wichannnoi, Potsai …
Wichannoi, Padejseuk, Raktae, we all fought each other. Then only one was chosen.
That was the great Thai boxer.
Nowdays top fighters are protected. They don’t fight as much.
Now each promoter has his own fighter. Then it depends on connections. Who could promote more, or better. Then, of course, that fighter rises to the top.
S- Okay, let’s watch your fight with Samart. We have the video.
S- But I want to know that Arjan…
S- You hadn’t seen it until recently. For many years it was nowhere, nobody could see it. When Arjan heard that the video was found, what did you think?
It’s good. I would like to tell people…
You asked me if it’s good or not to have this video? It’s good.
I was big. I had physical advantages on my peers.
But of all the things I want Muay Thai fans to understand is the this:
Think of all the tall fighters, how many of them were Yodmuay? How many were elite?
Normally proportioned fighters, how many of them are considered great?
And short fighters, how many were considered great? I’ll let you count them.
So, having the video is actually a good thing.
So that the youth now can study strengths and weaknesses and adapt themselves.
You can’t just have an advantage in body shape, and not develop skills in the gym.
You will not become great.
Many tall boxers are not top fighters. Do you know why?
It’s because of the 3 things that can be targeted: legs, stomach, and chin.
I wasn’t gifted. But I was diligent
in training. I trained diligently.
The fighters from my era, they KNEW how hard I trained.
So, to tell you what I think:
If tall fighters have the advantage over all, you could forget all the short fighters, due to their disadvantage. Choose only the tallest.
For fighters, the most important thing is training.
Muay Thai has 4 regions:
You may be the best in the North. The best
in the East. The best in the South. The best in the Center. But that’s not greatness.
Why? Because it’s regional. You’re recognized only in that region.
What everyone celebrates is the capital. Everyone comes to fight in Bangkok.
Strip and weigh-in, tall or short, black or white, it’s not
important. The only thing that matters is that you’re the same weight.
That’s it.
Muay Thai is about counters and defense. It’s about solving and defending. They are skilled because they practice.
It’s not like the tall ones can just teep.
Many have had their legs broken, right?
You have to train. It’s how you train.
You have to be diligent. Resolute.
Remember singers don’t get tired.
They only sing.
As a fighter, body is our weapon.
Training gives you an advantage.
S- What do you remember?
This was the first round. I was worried,
honestly. I didn’t know what to do.
I walked in slowly and tried to get a feel
like “what do you want?”
Was he serious? Something like that.
Because being friends makes
it difficult to fight each other.
S- So, in round one, still didn’t …?
No weapon. We were considerate.
Serious or not serious?
We only tried to feel about each other.
Feel the situation first.
S- But Samart’s skill and weapons …?
Fast. He was good at puching from the side.
Left-Right. Left-Right.
S- Heavy punch?
Not heavy. He was just fast.
I admit that he was at the
top for his weight class.
S- Round one,
he did this when you grabbed him…
He pushed and stepped away.
He didn’t want to get my knees.
How could he fight? He was f***ing tiny.
S- You didn’t care, did you?
Didn’t care.
Here no punch yet.
Here I lost balance
I had lost too much weight, and lost
balance here. My leg were shaking.
Legs were not stable.
S- Some leg kicks there.
We still didn’t use any heavy weapons.
Look at that. He had good eyes. right?
Puched to the right and
moved out to the left.
Another on punched to the left
and moved out to the right.
See? punched left and stepped out right.
I thought …
S- Is that a hit?
No. He was fast.
You know I was thinking…
If I punched to the left,
he would move right.
If I punched to the
right, he would move left.
Another one. I punched his body in round 2 or 3.
Not sure. Not remember.
S- He’s so evasive. right?
Yes. He couldn’t fight.
He didn’t have skills in knees.
S- You had to cut off the ring, right?
Yes. But I still didn’t
do anything intense.
We just tried each other.
S- You look relaxed, going in.
To fight Samart it depended
whether I had the energy or not.
He started fighting,
since I didn’t know anythig about boxing.
I went to sell coal. He took me out for food.
We have been friends
since we weighed 30 kg.
S- What made you surprised?
What didn’t you know?
No surprises. I fought casually.
He couldn’t possibly stop me. His
weapons were light. He couldn’t stop me.
Here, this is a real talk.
S- Round 1 went back to the corner.
But no weapons.
I wanted to see what he wanted.
I waited for him
to go intense first.
Then I would do the same.
S- Because you two were friends.
Did you want a knockout?
No. Never thought.
Never crossed my mind.
We just fought until we couldn’t
fight anymore and got the result.
S- Who was in your corner?
P’Nun Tualue and P’Cheep
Here, P’Nun. Anant. My trainer.
Good at teaching.
S- This is Rajadamnern, right?
Rajadamnern, yes
S- Who was the Promoter?
I believe it might be
Klaew Thanikul that day.
After this fight, we went to see Her Royal
Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
to offer our respect.
Now we start closing in.
S- You started to go but still relaxed. right?
Still not hard. But going harder.
S- He had heavy punches. right?
He was fast. He was just fast.
S- When walking in like
this, what did you think?
I knew he couldn’t beat me.
He couldn’t stop me.
S- Beautiful kicks, too.
He always moved away. right?
He couldn’t quite stop me.
S- He had such high kicks.
I knew that Samart was quite skilled
since he was young. He was skilled.
But he didn’t like knees.
He didn’t like tall boxers.
Short boxers can’t use knees,
only walking and punching like this.
Oh. But his punch rang me a little.
There’ll be one. I couldn’t move away.
Just stand still, stunned.
S- Didn’t you have problem to
follow constantly? No problems?
No problem. I still had energy.
At the beginning, I had to
keep walking in because I still had energy.
I could keep closing in.
Around the end of round 5,
he knew I didn’t have energy left.
S- Oh … Caught him. Nice.
Ha. He couldn’t run now.
Here, he started cursing.
S- You said often not to be hurry.
Don’t be in a hurry. Let him use
weapons first. Let him move away.
S- But here he didn’t use any weapons.
Once we reach the opponent,
we can use our weapons.
Don’t use weapon when
we chase the opponent.
Once we reach the opponent, then we have to strike.
S- Those knees are so high, you’re hitting here (solar plexus) right? Takes his breath away.
Here, we knew it.
He couldn’t run away. How could he stop me?
S- Oi.
Here, look at our bodies. I was bigger.
But my weigh was 2.5 lbs lower than his.
But look here.
I had to endure the weight control.
But no strength. No energy in my legs.
Like I didn’t have legs.
S- Those knees! You’re hitting up in here…
Samart was good at punching.
Arjan, how did you solve for that?
Well, this. He punched this.
Blocked. I punched.
If focusing, tall boxers punch straight.
A puncher won’t dare to punch back.
S- Normally, Samart was good at push
kicking but he didn’t do that here …
He couldn’t run away.
After round 3, I just continued
fighting casually. He did the same.
We just continued on this way.
We knew the result.
It was obvious from the first 2 rounds.
S- In round 3,
normally you have to close in harder. right?
Yes. But to threaten him only.
Just to let him know ‘Don’t hit hard.
You Bastard, we’re friends’.
S- What did your cornerman say?
He was demanding I go for the knockout.
He said I held back.
Not sure which round, I punched Samart
right in my own corner. Then the bell rang.
When I went back to the
corner, Mr. Kuang scolded me.
Mr. Kuang scolded me.
He said “Nun, bring me a gun.
Doi is throwing
the fight”.
He said I was holding back.
He smacked at P’Nun, my leader,
in his ear at the corner.
He wanted to shoot me because he
thought I would throw the fight.
S- He couldn’t reach you, could he?
He couldn’t reach. Here, just touched,
then punched. Didn’t need to grab the neck.
See that, see that?
Touch. Punch. No need to grab the neck.
Grabbing the neck means he’s exhausted.
But right now my legs were shaking.
Here, my legs were completely shaking.
After the match, I took Samart home.
He walked so fast, but my legs hurt so much.
After the match, I sent him home.
Took him out for dinner and sent him home.
I took him to Ekkamai to take a taxi home.
He couldn’t move away.
Here, it’s like boxing demo.
S- When you were close like this, he couldn’t do anything, right?
Yeah. Nothing. Wanna punch me, punch me.
Here. I hit him from the side.
S- Because you two were friends,
you didn’t want a knockout …
I couldn’t knockout
for this kind of match.
Samart also wouldn’t want to fall.
But he hurt so much.
S- But you think it was
possible for knockout. right?
No, no. Don’t say that.
Here, I just punched and waited
for the round to end. No power.
But I was exhausted and shaking.
I cut a lot of weight. Legs were
shaking. Kick was not hard. No power.
But I could continue
because of how hard I trained.
S- Ohhh, that landed!
S- Did you get any punches?
I got some, too.
By now his punches were heavy. Made me dizzy.
S- And now you just don’t stop.
Use this part here to hit. (like practice knees)
S- But it’s not a show, right? You
fought for real but not with malice, right?
Samart was skilled. Good eyes, a genius.
Boxers like Samart can fight well even
without training because his nature is …
a natural born fighter …
When he was young,
he had a match at a temple. Then he went
straight to next match at another
temple with the same hand wraps.
This is Samart.
S- Really?
Nobody wanted to fight him.
A monk also said no one would
want to have a match with him.
He had to sneak and cover
his head to fight in a match.
S- You’re punching also.
Yes. He was serious when he said he
would punch hard. It made me dizzy.
But not heavy enough to stop me.
S- Could you tell that Samart was gassing?
What do you mean?
S- lower energy
I knew.
S- Could you feel it?
After a few rounds,
I knew he couldn’t fight me.
Here when I went back to the corner,
they kept demanding a knockout.
Then Samart said to me “Let
me give you some punches.”.
I don’t know. Just continue
to fight as much as we can.
It worried me the most.
I didn’t want to fight him. We’re friends.
But we had to fight each other.
Samart and I have been friends for
many years before I knew boxing.
I went to sell coal at Bo
Rai, and watched him fight.
He won by knockout that day at Bo Rai.
He was still a child around 20 kg.
He took me out to see
Pa lom rua,
three-legs chicken
and go on a ferris wheel
when we were young.
S- Now he’s changing up a little.
Boxing more.
He was good at punching. He was about to
lose. He must take a risk and punch more.
S- After the match, you two were
still friends, right? No problem.
S- After the match,
you were still friends. right?
We’re friends.
S- No change?
No changes. After the match,
I sent him to take a taxi home.
We had dinner together.
Back in the days, when I sneaked out from
Mr. Kuang from my gym, I went to see him.
S- You aren’t pressing forward anymore, but not retreating either.
I didn’t close in much and didn’t move back.
I tried to control the game.
I didn’t use many weapons. Just tried
to control the game and be unmoved.
If I retreated, he would punch hard.
His punches were hard.
If I was not careful, he would punch.
I could fall. What would I do?
When he came in hard, I must …
S- Not give him a chance.
Yep … take kicks.
S- Looks a little disheartened here. He already knew.
‘Don’t hit me hard.
Or I would do the same to you.’
In the last round,
there was a “crocodile kick.”
… Here, I close in …
S- He was smart.
Smart. He knew how to talk.
He talked to me before the match.
He said “Hey! Doi.
Let’s do this seriously.”
S- Before the fight … right?
He knew how to talk. He was good.
S- In this match,
you thought he was serious, right?
S- You felt that he’s serious?
Heavy punch. He …
Yes. He was serious.
No matter what other people said. If I was
hit directly with full force, I would fall.
But the hit was not direct.
When I was hit and
got dizzy,
I would move in to control the game.
S- Was there anyone betting?
Yes at the beginning. But after the second
round, the result was obvious.
S- Oi. He kicked so high.
Here, I started to get tired.
I was exhausted in round 5.
S- But you didn’t look exhausted.
As I said,
when I was exhausted,
the audience didn’t know .
Never show it!
S- At the Gym, you always said this. When…
Don’t let people know.
S- same here. right?
Until today, Samart said to me “I
knew you were exhausted in round 5.”.
He was getting hit.
But I had been out of fighting for a long time.
I stopped for a long time and therefore
I didn’t have a good breathing technique.
Samart knew that I was exhausted.
If I wasn’t exhausted,
when he elbowed me,
I would knee him back a couple sets.
S- But you look full of energy!
Didn’t know. Nobody knew.
S- Arjarn, did you show mercy to him?
No mercy.
There’s nothing to be sorry about.
He had lost already. We’re friends.
S- sportmanship right?
Yes. We fought as a sport.
We did what we had to do.
S- Oh Very beautiful.
Your guard is wonderful.
S- Nice.
He had good eyes.
S- There is so little footage of your fights. People only watched a short clip.
But this is a full fight.
Looking at your techniques. I felt so excited, because you taught us this way.
Understand yet?
Same things. Good. Amazing.
S- Arjarn, you’re a real Yodmuay. Can do everything.
As I said, drive your opponent into the corner.
Look now. Block, punch, knee, punch.
Even faster than before.
S- Oow. Elbow. Round 5.
Here, totally exhausted.
I was exhausted because of weight loss.
It was not from other things.
Exhausted because of weight loss.
S- Oh Amazing.
Here, Samart pushed. I almost fell.
Wait to counter back.
S- Missed, missed.
S- Your opponent must
be tired fighting you.
Nobody wanted to fight with me because
it’s very tiring.
When I moved in, I stayed close.
S- All the same, right? When having a
match with you, they were all exhausted.
I was good with knees.
You know what I did?
I wouldn’t walk in the first 2 rounds.
Save energy.
Walked in fully in round 3. If still
draw, continued to walked in fully.
If I lost even with this
technique, nothing could be done.
S- Like a machine.
When walking in, stay close.
I couldn’t win with outside fighting style.
S- You kicked too. I didn’t know
you also kicked. Kicked a lot.
If there’re openings, you can kick.
Here, my legs didn’t have energy.
Legs were shaking.
S- Now he couldn’t move away.
Already lost, right?
S- Just wait to the end.
This, I wasn’t happy a bit about the match.
I wasn’t happy when the match ended.
I didn’t want to fight him.
S- Everyone knew the result already.
S- And after this fight,
how many months didn’t you have any match?
After this match with Samart, I didn’t have
any fights again for 1 year and 6 or 7 months.
I didn’t have any fight
but trained every day.
Someone offered me 300,000
baht in cash to throw a fight.
I asked him to take the money back.
That’s not me. If he needed money,
I can give you my money. We can share.
But never ask me to throw a fight.
S- After this match,
Arjarn didn’t fight in any matches…
1 Year 6 months.
But I trained every day.
And then I had a match with Sagat.
I came back to fight Sagat.
S- Well … This match was done.
S- You were the champion, right?
No, they advertised that it was a match
for the position for Yodmuay of that year, 1982
Back in the days, people wanted to watch.
The result would determine Yodmuay for that year.
Actually, I was Yodmuay before that.
S- After the match,
no match for a year and a half.
No match.
S- Then a match with Sagat.
Sagat was much bigger, right?
Based on weight,
he was in a higher weight class.
But actually, I had matches at
a lower weight class than him.
I was in 130 lb class.
He was at 135lb class
So, we met halfway, around 132-133.
S- Then you fought twice, right?
Yes. I looked big because
I had larger body.
For example comparing with Wichannoi,
when I got in the ring, people
said I was big. Dieselnoi was big.
I was actually lighter than him.
S- Yes, yes. Almost died …
If you have to pick a fight of yours to uncover a video,
which one would you like to see the most?
Which one is the best to watch?
Padejseuk’s fight was fun.
I lost one time with a cut, bleeding a lot.
The first 3 matches I had
with him were very fun.
But the 4th and 5th ones
were not fun anymore.
And Potsai Sittibunlert, and Wichannoi.
I want people to watch these matches
because they were exciting and fun.
Like Padejseuk. Very fresh.
Just won King’s Award.
I lost for the first time in my life.
Oh, sorry not the first time.
I lost the first time when I
first came to fight in Bangkok.
I fought at 100 pounds
when I came to Bangkok.
From 100 pounds to 130
pounds, I never lost.
I lost only once.
That was Wichannoi Porntawee.
S- How old were you at that time?
I was just a bit over 16.
S- Still just a child.
Still a child.
To be honest, I was scared in
the first match with Wichannoi.
Did I train? Yes I did.
They told me to train at Saphan Khwai.
But I went out party at night.
My group – Seksan,
Me, Chatree, and Aor.
Rented a car and party at night.
Trained during the day.
When I went to fight,
I was still young with perfect body.
Then time passed.
I become older and got wrinkles.
The first match was intense.
But exhausted.
I lost by a tiny bit. I lost in round 5.
It was a close call.
After round 4, fans shouted “Enough.
Enough. Do you want more?”
It means if I beat Wichannoi,
who else would I fight?
At that time I moved from 100 lbs class
to 130 lbs class. And I never lost.
When glanced to see my second at the
corner in round 5, just a little glance,
P’Cheep came in and hit me hard.
All done.
It gave me experience.
P’Cheep taught me about experience.
You have to think on your feet in the ring. Number of matches doesn’t matter.
Number of matches is not the experience.
If you don’t have
brain, it won’t help.
“Experience” means you solve
problems in the ring by yourself.
Just as P’Cheep taught me that day.
I still remember to this day.
I had an opportunity to
rematch with him 2nd time.
The current King came to watch (the prince at the time).
I trained hard this time.
I bet on my side for 10,000 baht.
I didn’t control my weight at all.
The limit was 130 pounds.
I was 128 pounds.
I slept and ate well.
P’Cheep (Wichannoi) was 131 or 130 lbs
Oh, no that was another program.
I was 128 lbs. P’Cheep was 134 or
136 lbs and not physically ready.
He had a bleeding
wound on the forehead.
He fell down in the match
with Sagat Porntawee.
If he had to fight,
he wouldn’t cut weight.
If he had to cut weight, he wouldn’t fight.
Mr. Lao said it was his
first time as an organizer.
Mr.Lao talked to Mr.Kuang because my
boss asked Mr.Lao to be an organizer.
Mr.Lao asked Mr.Kuang to help to the end.
This fight was very important as
it was the Main Event of the day.
And also the King came to watch.
So we agreed to fight.
I was 124 lbs.
Around 6 or 7 lbs lower.
Look at my body.
I was 6 or 8 pounds lower.
I trained hard for that day.
Once the bell rang, I would walk
in, hit and punch right away.
I planned to use my
body to get in and punch.
But it didn’t turn out that way.
I teeped him, then I was hit back.
I kicked him, then I got kicked back.
So I stayed still. P’Cheep came in.
I teeped him. I was hit again.
It turned out to be like ‘one short.
one long.’
So it was not fun.
To make it fun, I walked in and
he blocked.
I moved in to punch. He blocked. Looking for
openings, back and forth. It would be fun.
If it’s ‘one short.
one long.’, it won’t be fun.
I was leading in the first 3
rounds, but audiences booed.
They booed because the
Main Event wasn’t entertaining.
When going to the corner during the
break, I thought…
One round is only 3 minutes.
Round 4 began. You know? I couldn’t find my
corner. P’Cheep punched me hard.
I walked in to punch. He suddenly turned
his body. Then he punched my stomach,
punched my face, kicked my
leg, grabbed my waist, spun
and hit me. The more I pressed
in, the more I was hit.
The bell rang to end round.
I walked back to the wrong corner.
Dizzy. I knew the meaning
of “see stars” that day.
There was no stars. If you want to know
what the ‘seeing stars’ is, try this.
Close your eyes,
look at the light and do this.
That’s it. It means that you got hit.
And you saw lights flashing.
That is called ‘seeing stars’.
That’s how I was hit.
S- You talked to students yesterday.
I understood and thought it was best.
S- You train hard.
You are diligent with high
At Hapalang Gym, everyone is good.
Everyone trains hard.
But you train more, right?
S- Do it yourself?
Do it myself
S- When you are going to have a
match, how do you plan for strategies?
You go to the Gym. You create training plans
yourself. This is the talent of a fighter, right?
No matter how much you speak to people,
it won’t matter.
Because different fighters come
from different families.
I will say for those who like to think,
as we like
fighting, we have to
understand what fighting is.
Boxing is fighting. Fighting needs
strength and good body condition.
Here, the skilled ones (boxers)
must have brains as well.
If you have a good brain but no
strength, you won’t do well.
If you are diligent but not smart and flexbile,
you will fight stupid like a buffalo,
and train till death.
I saw a lot of people like this.
They won’t go far if
they don’t have brain.
I was not a smart fighter
when I was young,
people called me ‘stupid’.
I was tall but stupid.
See it yourself.
If the opponent is a
southpaw, how would you train?
Back in the days, there was no video.
You had to memorize.
Now there are videos.
Keep training, focus and work hard.
Some other things can be added
to help such as morning run.
I would like to suggest
to younger people also.
For morning run, you are tired.
You should try to alternate
between running at normal pace
for 2 electricity poles,
then sprint for 1 electricity pole.
Get yourselves used to it. Similar to
fighting in a sudden burst. Another point is
when you are running and get tired,
don’t fantasize about something useless.
Imagine you are the person you want to be.
‘I’m Manny Pacquiao, Cassius Clay.’.
Imagine when they get in the ring.
Imagine yourself to be exactly the same.
One day I will be the same.
That will be your motivation.
S- Why do you think this way?
Because I like Muay Thai.
I like fighting.
So I have to train and learn.
Because I made my life about fighting.
You can’t just stop because there is no money.
And you will come back later.
You have to think too.
Someone talked to me before
I had a match with Samart.
I won’t mention his name.
He was a great Thai boxer.
He asked me “Doi,
would you throw a fight and let us win?”
I said I wouldn’t do that …
S- Die first, right?
Even if I had to stop boxing without
an opponent, I can accept that.
I told him that win or lose was one thing.
But I couldn’t let people curse me. They
cursed me using the same mouths they ate with.
It is very serious.
I won’t succeed in
life and career with those curses.
S- Frankly speaking,
I love Muay so much, it’s my whole life.
S- But in my life,
I have never met anyone who
S- loves Muay Thai like you do.
You love Muay Thai more than me.
Muay Thai is a legacy.
It doesn’t belong to anyone,
not even Thais. It has been inherited
from ancestors from the old days.
Don’t forget. There was a record about
Muay Thai in the history chronical. It talked
about a Thai taken prisoner who beat Burmease in a Muay Thai fight during the war and was released.
Story of Nai Kanom Tom can’t possibly
fade away from Thai people’s memory.
You know why?
Because his story remains.
But these days, they focused on
Prajao Sua because he was a king.
I understand this.
Actually, I came from Ayutthaya.
I read Nai Kanom Tom’s biography.
Later on he just disappeared. As per
history he got drunk, and disappeared.
No one knew what really happened.
It was really strange that his
life turned out that way.
I guess boxers these days drink
heavily just like Nai Kanom Tom.
No. I was just kidding.
S- Anything else you would like to say?
I want all new generation
boxers to focus on training .
We have goals.
Don’t forget. Boxing nowadays have
a lot of incentives and money.
I want to die and be reborn if I can.
I am really jealous.
Boxers earn a lot these days.
Therefore, I can only ask the
boxers to focus and work hard.
It is a profession that we have no cost
but we can get rich and with dignity.
Therefore …
Brothers, you have better opportunities than the
other 20 million Thai people.
If you are with good bosses, earn money,
save, be determined and work hard
And I wish you success in life. Thank you.
S- Thank you very much, Arjarn
S- Many people said that Samart was
the greatest boxer.
S- But you went down then up and beat him.
Does this mean that you were the best?
I’ll tell you what.
For Thais, they don’t look at it that way.
They look at fame,
lifestyle and financial status.
If you look at the record of Thai
boxers, who would have a life like me?
Without any opponents,
I was greatest.
But I was not good on the financial side.
That’s what they look at.

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