BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Authentic Hot And Sour Soup Recipe [酸辣汤]

BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Authentic Hot And Sour Soup Recipe [酸辣汤]

hi everyone welcome to souped-up recipes today we’re making hot and sour soup yes finally after I got so many requests for it this is one of the most popular soup that you were ordering a Chinese restaurant today I’m going to show you my version and I’m also going to show you how to make it authentic so let’s get started this recipe needs a lot of preparation before cooking I will explain them one by one first let’s take a look of our main ingredient soak 2 pieces of dried shitake mushrooms for 4 hours until they are completely rehydrated dry mushroom is the way how you keep this dish authentic it is more flavorful and smells better than the fresh mushroom squeeze the water and slice them thinly you can find the dried shiitake mushroom in most Asian markets and usually one package will last you forever do the same thing with dried black fungus just few pieces is enough they expend a lot in size I got about 1/3 cups of it after it is rehydrated if you don’t have it you can use same amount of kelp I got here 3.5 ounces of pork slices you can use pork loin pork but just cut it into these things res marinate it with 2 TSP of soy sauce and 2 TSP of corn starch very simple just to give the pork a little extra flavor we’re gonna let that sit for about 15 minutes and we’ll take care of the tofu you want to use the silken or soft tofu so you can make the soup extra comfortable I only used 1/3 of this package about 5 ounces it takes skills to julienne tofu because it’s so delicate I slice it with the up-and-down cutting technique do not slice it back and forth that will break the tofu gently push the tofu to one side a little bit carefully cut it into shreds also I use a separated cutting board so I can just leave the tofu on it in that way I don’t need to transfer it around and break it apart beat two eggs and set it aside cut some carrot into a thin shreds about 1/3 cup it will give the soup a bright color next let’s combine some seasonings together 2 tablespoon of cornstarch 2 tablespoon of water mix it until you don’t see any lumps then adding 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce 1 TSP of dark soy sauce 1 TSP of sugar 1 TSP of salt or to taste mix until everything is well combined these are the seasonings that you need to add to the soup earlier set that aside we are going to grind some white pepper I used 1 tablespoon I know it sounds like a lot this dish was created for the poor people to warn themselves up and survive through the winter which is the purpose of using white pepper but now most restaurants they lower the amount because it is not a pleasant feeling if your mouth is burning my suggestion is if you serve kids 1 teaspoon of white pepper is enough if you want to try the authentic hot and sour soup go with the big amount to that I am going to add 3 tbsp of Chinese black vinegar make sure you use a Chinese brand the package will say Chun 2 or sham 2 you could use rice vinegar but you won’t be able to get that authentic Chinese mix it until the white pepper is fully distributed or else you will have some white pepper lumps in the soup trust me that does not taste good these two ingredients you need to add to the soup right before turning off the heat it is very important to follow the order that is why I made two different bowls of seasonings so I don’t get confused once you prepare all the ingredients the rest of the step is so easy get your wok ready don’t need to heat it up now just directly adding 1/2 tablespoon of minced ginger the rehydrated mushroom and black fungus follow up with the shredded carrot pour in 3 and 1/2 cup of stock chicken stock beef stock up to you give it a stir cover it and bring this to a boil now it is the time to add the pork stir it around so the meat doesn’t stick together give it about 10 seconds or so the meat should change color then you add the tofu just slowly slide them into the wok use a wooden spoon gently stir it and try not to break the tofu cover this and wait for it to come back to a boil pour in the sauce there is cornstarch in it so be sure to stir it before add it to the wok also you need to whip the soup at the same time so the cornstarch can be evenly mixed into the broth that looks good already then you just do the same thing to the egg some people don’t stir the egg so they can get large pieces of egg in the soup I think stirring it makes the soup even silkier and I like the texture but what you do it’s up to you cook this whole pot for another 30 seconds so all the ingredients can come together now you can add the other bowl of seasoning white pepper and vinegar there are the types of ingredients that the flavour will fade away if cook long time that is why we added 10 seconds before you turn off the heat okay we’re almost done before you serve add a bunch of scallion and cilantro for garnish pop 1.5 tsp of sesame oil for the nutty taste and we are done a nice warm soup for the winter smells like hot and sour soup the peppery and the vinegar is produce everywhere let’s give it a try [Applause] you can see the point that the change is due in the winter it’s actually tastes really good you got so many ingredients in it like the black fungus and the carrot they’re so crunchy and the egg and tofu it is so silky also you got so many flavors in there too like the nuttiness the spiciness the sourness and a bit slightly sweetness it’s just everything combines together makes you feel good I hope you give this or my other recipes a try soon if you haven’t yet click my channel name and find out your favorite Chinese food new videos coming out every Wednesday and I’ll see you next time bye [Music]

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  • I made this today & it was fantastic.. I added some Chuan Zha Cai & instead of using sesame oil I found "Mongolian fire oil " which is hot & gingery. Thank you for this recipe. I will definitely be making it again

  • This looks great, and I will try it later this week. Really a great looking soup – thank you for taking the time to put this together and to share it. Chinese food is awesome! I appreciate you making it easy for us to learn how to make it at home. You are wonderful!

  • 3 tsp of pepper corn is certainly too much… no wonder it is too hot. I reduce it to only one tsp and it is already hot. lol. I also add in a bundle of Enoki Mushroom. Thanks for the recipe… everyone in the family enjoyed it.
    UPDATE: Today (8Apr2019) I cook this soup again bc everyone loves it. We have always loved it at Chinese restaurants. Thanks to Mandy, I now know how to cook this lovely soup.
    UPDATE (23Aug2019): This is the third time = I am cooking this soup again. Missed it so much, have to cook it again. This time I add some Mee Suah (a type of very soft noodles, 50 grams).

  • I made this. Twice. It was AMAZING! A bit different that what I get in a restaurant (more peppery and the sourness was different) but very much to my liking.

  • It's not fair!!! Why must you ate with loud slurping sound!!! Tonite I will have nightmare not having a taste of hot and sour soups before sleep.

  • I made this tonight and it's marvelous. I worried that the white pepper might be too bland, but it was great. The directions are super clear and easy to follow. Just do the prep work and add the ingredients in order. So delicious. I'm so glad you shared this with us!

  • I made your soup today, and it came out fabulous! My husband is really picky, and he loved it. He wants me to now try your Kung Pao Chicken recipe. I’m not sure I’m up to that one yet. I’ll have to watch it a few dozen times before I attempt it. Thank you so much for making this YouTube, so you can show us the proper instructions to making Chinese food.

  • I tried this and it turned out great!
    I added some chili paste, worcestershire sauce, black pepper and tons of white pepper and it was nice and spicy 😀

  • I make hot and sour soup at least once a month at our house…without a recipe. I also like to include bamboo, water chestnuts (my husband’s favorite), sometimes baby corn. It’s often a refrigerator clear-out recipe for us.

    I always have to make a GIANT batch because all five of us loves it and will eat it for several meals in a row.

    I will be trying your recipe because the one thing that is frustrating about cooking without a recipe is that it always takes a little longer because I have to tinker with the seasonings at the end. I really like the technique of separating your slurry/soy sauce mix and the white pepper/vinegar mix in two different bowls. Thanks for tasty looking recipe, Mandy!

  • Found this channel a couple of weeks ago and made this soup this afternoon…it is superb. Much like what I had in San Francisco Chinatown.

  • Thanks for the video. This is very similar to the recipe I used today to make a pot! However, mine calls for corn starch and bamboo shoots. I suppose there are many variations.

    Hint… Don't throw out the water in which you soaked the black fungus and mushrooms! Use it as part of the 'water' in the soup! The extra umami makes a big difference.

  • Can't wait to try this out, maybe tomorrow! Thank you for your clear instructions and notes as well as the recipe card at the beginning. Very helpful and look forward to making this!

  • For anyone that wants to use white vinegar and regular soy sauce, you are missing out. If you only use regular soy sauce and white vinegar as many recipes call for, you soup flavor will be off. The black soy sauce and black vinegar are not expensive and well worth the price. Have made your recipe several times. Used the black soy sauce and black vinegar. Then made the recipe as you directed. Each time, the results were good enough to serve company.

  • I'm sorry but… at 2:24, your dirty finger nails made me sick to my stomach because previously, you were squeezing water out of the mushrooms and you were digging your finger nails into them.
    However, your recipe looks pretty good. I'll try making it soon. Thanks.

  • tried this last night…instead of beef broth I added 2 cans of baked beans and instead of dried mushrooms I used 5 oz. of magic mushrooms…everyone said it tasted odd but everyone came back for seconds till it was all gone.
    my wife ate to much and was found naked on the front lawn hugging a lawn troll.

  • I made this but I don’t eat meat but I do eat seafood. So I didn’t use pork or meat stock. I used veggie stock and shrimp and squid and I used seaweed instead of salt. I did put egg and mung bean sprouts. It was really delicious!! I love soup and stews and hot and sour soup is probably my favorite

  • Made this today, June 14, 2019, and it was just phenomenal. Thanks for sharing your recipes with us.

  • I prepared that dish today and it tasted so good and I love it. I will do this again by time. Thank you a lot for sharing this recipe!

  • I like to press the tofu before slicing, gets the water out so it can absorb the flavor of the soup.

  • You're so cute and I love LOVE your recipes! I haven't tried to make any yet, but as soon as I'm able, I definitely will!!

  • Made it today and everyone in my house thought it was very excellent.
    The instructions were easy to follow and the video presentation was great.
    The only ingredient not listed wasChili Paste which I believe is used in Northern China. Next time I will add some Chili Paste to give it an extra kick and experiment with the flavor.
    Thanks for sharing your recipes.
    I added some Chilli Pasted on my second cooking and I did not find any major improvements, so I will stay with the original version.

  • Beautiful recipe, even on video. I will try it this week. Your nuanced touches and explanations behind those touches will improve the recipe for everyone who attempts. I love the way you only casually mention with some recipes that they would not be found within 10,000 territorial miles of the Mainland, but that you have tried them and find delicious, I believe that you recognize that many peoples’ uninitiated tastes might find authentic recipes as too…something. Yet you choose to walk the line with corn starch in hand to initiate us to flavors beyond our upbringings. Nicely done. Thank you!

  • I am going to make several of your recipes for my family. Also, no shade, but something is wrong with your mic. It made you sound as if you were in a tunnel. I have a new computer and sound system so I know it's not my system. Otherwise excellent video

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I'm addicted to this kind of soup. I was always curious what all the ingredients were. I'll just go to the restaurant and order mine. That's too much prep work for just one person for my patience level.

  • Hot and sour soup is my all time favorite Chinese soup. I tried this recipe and I must say that it’s absolutely DELICIOUS. It’s hot, peppery, spicy, and it opens up your nostrils like the way a real hot and sour soup should, lol. Thank you so much for posting this! It’s soooooo gooooood!

  • Soup tastes good but damn the amount of white pepper about killed me! My mouth is on fire. A dragon couldn't handle this soup.

  • Oooh! That looks so good!! I want to eat that soup its my favorite! Then I want to dress you up like Daisy Duke and make love to you with your glasses on! I need some hot and sour soup tonight.

  • Great recipe! Only change I made was that I was to add some dried lily flower (soaked like the shiitake and wood ears). Absolutely delicious and, as advertised, "better than takeout!" Adding the black vinegar and white pepper at the end really does make a difference.(When I reheated the soup the next day, I had to add some more black vinegar and white pepper before serving to get that "zing" back.)

  • This recipe used yo be for poor people?
    That's hilarious, obviously poor people cannot afford all those ingredients. Thanks God we can.

  • Thanks! A great recipe and so organized and easy to follow. I added bamboo shoots and soaked lily buds, because that’s how my favorite restaurants serves it. Also I added the mushroom/fungus soaking liquid with the stock, but followed the rest of your recipe to the letter. It takes just a bit of preparation but it’s not difficult. Thank you again for another great recipe.

  • Fortunately I live in NYC, so I'm SURROUNDED by Chinese restaurants! Nevertheless, it is such a delight to watch these lovely and informative videos! I also like H&S Soup made with Chinese celery and Tiger Lilly… 😁

  • I live in North Las Vegas and our Chinese food here is horrible. I can cook wonderful Thai and Vietnamese food, as I had friends in Wash. DC. I can not do Chinese, it tastes like a white boy made it. I have not seen the dark soy, nor the black vinegar in any of the local markets, we have a Philippine market, Seafood city, so I may check there. In Texas, I could get woodear mushrooms anywhere. I bought the last Pkg's of shitake mushrooms as Smith's was discontinuing them. You would think in Vegas with our big Asian community, the food would be better.

  • I have loved eating the soup for years ,but most of the time it's a disappointment because not many make it exactly to my taste ,I'm gonna master your recipe for sure ,it looks delicious, thank you ,Lil Mandy !

  • Made this for dinner and it was spot on, better than local take-out, thanks! I add bamboo shoots and used the water from the mushrooms also hot chili oil to top off.

  • Oh my yummy favorite, you know I’m trying this. Might be scary, me, with an unlimited supply of sweet/sour soup. 🙏🙏🙏 and a long, deep 🙇‍♀️

  • What a great teacher! Useful insights and wonderful demystification of Chinese cooking. Brava! Thin shreds of bamboo shoots make a great addition – totally agree with other commenters. Thank you so much for this video.

  • Hello,
    My Dear,
    I throughly enjoy all of your Presentations.
    This one is MAGNIFICENT!
    Hot and Sour Soup is my favorite of all meals, it really is.
    I Love You. Thank you so much.

  • Mmmmm looks it's October in the U.K. I know what to make for Halloween night to keep us warm
    Thanks for this recipe

  • Thank you. I will definitely try this. I like hot and sour soup and it's one of the things I try when going to a new Chinese restaurant. If that is good, there's a good chance the other food they serve will be as well. A lot of places mess it up though. After watching this I suspect it's because they just make a large batch and the flavor of the pepper and vinegar just cooks away over time.

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