Basic Nutrition – Macronutrients – How to GAIN or LOSE weight

Basic Nutrition – Macronutrients – How to GAIN or LOSE weight

Hello everyone, it’s Paul with you today and
I haven’t made a video for this channel for
like a year, and this is going to be a short
video on nutrition.
I’m just going to cover the basics, just so
you guys know.
Nutrition basically splits up into 3 main
sections, there’s fats,.. Macronutrients,
there’s 3 of them, there’s fats, carbohydrates
and proteins.
Basically everything, almost every single
thing you take in is split into these three.
There’s micronutrients as well which includes
all the vitamins, iron, and all those other
good stuff and minerals that you need to take
in for your body but those are.. we’re not
going to focus on those right now.
we’re going to talk about macronutrients because
this is where you intake the majority of your
diet. This is basically what sums up Calories
that come into your system.
There’s a Basal Metabolic Rate for everything
you take in. So let’s say you on average eat
2000 calories everyday which is sort of average
for if we take the majority of the people
and divide by the population, the average
is around 2000 calories.
And if you’re constantly eating 2000 calories,
and that’s what you use to maintain,… in
order to gain weight all you need to do is
up your calorie intake by around 500 calories,
and if you are trying to lose weight, you
are going to have to eat 500 calories less
than your Basal Metabolic Rate… or so.
If you wanna lose it faster, you can eat even
less, if you are trying to gain weight you
can eat even more than 500 calories above
your level.
And that basically sums up the whole picture.
Mark Haub was in Kansas University where he
did a, he wanted to prove in an experiment,
he wanted to prove to everybody that calories
is where it all ends up, and what it’s all
about. So he went on a Twinkie Diet – A diet
where he ate only twinkies, which is a super
simple carb, sugary, product of rolls that
you eat.. and a ton of calories per each one,
but he was eating everyday, eating 500 calories
under his normal intake and he lost 27 pounds.
He lost 27 pounds in a period of 2 months.
In 2 months he lost 27 pounds eating twinkies
and just lowering his calorie intake by that
much. And afterwards the Doctors checked his
levels, and his bad cholesterol was actually
lower, it was in good standing, his good cholesterol
was in balance, the sugar in his blood was
fine, – everything was actually better after
the diet than when he first started.
So it’s all about the calories. But when you’re
muscle building you need to make sure that
you’re getting enough protein to build up
back the muscle that’s being broken down.
And for that you should be eating around one
gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, MAXIMUM.
(emphasis added)
All right?
People say you have to eat at least.. I say
maximum (emphasis added) .. Because when I
was building muscle and I was trying to get
bigger, I was eating 70 or 80 grams of protein..
sometimes 100 grams of protein a day, whereas
I was weighing around 150.. pounds.. and I
was gaining size quick.. Of course that was
because I had better protein synthesis because
I was going through puberty, I was getting
bigger, but of course I understand that I
had higher hormones but I’ve seen many people
succeed with lower than one gram of protein
per body weight, and they did great, they
got bigger, they got stronger in all ways.
So if you’re trying to gain weight the best
thing to raise to increase your calories,
or lower your calories is to manipulate carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates split into two sections, there
is complex carbs and simple carbs. Complex
carbs are mostly stuff that is high in fibre…
e.g. wholegrains, buckwheat, wholegrain spaghetti,
a bunch of vegetables.. that’s all complex
carbs for the most part.
Sugary stuff like fruits, like all the processed
stuff you see at the store, that’s simple
carbs. simple carbs digest quick, and they
digest so quickly that you feel hungry again
very soon and you eat more, most of the time.
And because they digest so quickly you get
a quick boost of energy.. and if it’s digesting
more energy than what you can use, it becomes
stored as fat automatically.
When you eat complex carbs they are slow to
break down because they have a greater number
of molecules and it takes a longer time to
break them all down for your body to digest
and consume.
So if you eat complex carbs you get a constant
flow of slow releasing energy all throughout
the day and you don’t feel hyped up straight
after eating, they are slowly broken down, they fill you up more. Alot more.
That way you eat alot less, feel full, and
have less calories at the end of the day.
And to finish off you guys are going to say,
‘how in the world do I count my calories and
protein?’. The best website I know is
C – A – L – O – R – I-E-C-O-U-N-T dot com. I’ll put it in the description
below.. check it out
Look up all your meals, all your portion sizes
over there, count up your calories. And this
is how I recommend to find out your basal
metabolic rate, so how much, how many calories
is your body consuming everyday, without your
manipulation. So count your calories for a
week.. for one week just write down everything..
your normal meals,,. whatever they are, and
take that, divide it by 7. So let’s say everyday
I ate 2500 calories around… One day I ate
2000, the next day I ate 3000, the next day
I ate 1500, and so on for 7 days. Then I divide
that, right, I divide that by 7 days and I
get the average of how many calories I’m actually
consuming all the time.
Now take that, and you either add 500 or subtract
500, or keep it the same to maintain your
That’s my suggestion, that’s the way it’s
done, that’s the simple nutrition facts, or
nutrition information you need to know. If
you want to have more information, and if
you have more questions that you want me to
answer please write them in the description
This video is way too long, 6:38, I did not
expect it to be this long, I’m sorry, I hope
this opens up some new information. You kind
of now know how to make your diet.. How to
bulk, how to cut, how to lose weight, gain
weight, and so on.
Paul with you today, please subscribe, I might
be posting more videos here because I’m in
college and I don’t have time to go out and
film workout videos, but I am working on them.
You can check out my main channel right here,
‘ Fortress workout’, My Russian channel right
here, Called (Krepost),.. Thanks guys, Paul
with you today, God bless you, Bye Bye.

67 thoughts on “Basic Nutrition – Macronutrients – How to GAIN or LOSE weight

  • Hey Paul, I've been working out lately, trying to build muscle and lately my arms and chest have shaped up a lot more than before, and i can definitely say they've gotten bigger but my weight is still 63kgs. Im 16 and i feel like this is quite light for someone my age and height (170 cm). Why is this happening? Why am I not gaining? I definitely feel leaner than before.

  • I would say because you are loosing fat at the same time as gaining muscle so it balances out. And 63kgs isn't light at all, im 15, weigh 60kgs and i am 178 cm tall.

  • Thanks but i heard that you need amazing genetics to be able to lose fat and gain weight at the same time. Nobody in my family, from father's or mother's side have a good lean body :L

  • I've been following your exercises and only from that I've changed alot, but i need to burn my body fat to get toned. so should i lose weight or what? i weigh 57kg and 5'6 tall

  • thanks man, good stuff told simple !
    suggesting you to check thing called flexible dieting, also known as IIFYM (stands for If It Fits Your Macros), where macros are macronutrients. Basically it says that you can eat anything that fits your macro settings for a day, even fastfood and other 'bad' meal. And dig youtube for Kane Sumabat, he has account named 'timbahwolf', he is one of who use IIFYM meal plan, and does many calistenics things btw like, hope you'll like it.

  • Hey Paul, could you maybe do a video on possible healthy diets for people with dietary restrictions, for example i have coeliac disease, and I am allergic to eggs and peanuts

  • MyfitnessPal is also a great alternative. It has a website but it is also an app so you can track everything with your phone 😉

  • I'm familiar with timbawolf. The reason to eat healthy is due to micronutrients. The macros will surely be in place with IIFYM, but you won't be the strongest version of yourself without taking care of your micros as well 🙂

  • It is always better to have more small meals throughout the day than a few big ones. You'll get better absorption of nutrients and it will maintain your metabolism slightly higher :).

  • It will not… easier to digest but no effect on metabolism ; this is an old myth.
    Much respect for you anyway, I enjoy your videos

  • In one of your videos you said don't eat anything with ingredients you don't know. So whats your opinion on protein shakes? I have the GNC amplified wheybolic extreme 60. I use it to help with recovery and make sure I get enough protein if I don't have meats at the house. Do you use protein shakes? Also could you do a video on supplements if you use them??? Love all the videos keep them coming!!!! Please

  • I didnt need to cut calories at all nor do alot of ppl I know. cut carbs and grains from your diet, eat veggies and meat with fat, and you will get cut, many actors do this not to mention mma fighters. I eat two medium size meals a day, Paleo diet and intermittent fasting is awesome, Ive never eaten more than 3 meals a day in my life and still have the same if not better results than ppl eating 6 meals

  • Great video fortress.. But I'd just say to stay away from processed food, white flour, white sugar, corn syrup and all the chemicals out there… You are young so you don't feel what a garbage those products are.. Later in age, you feel immediately what you ingest.. Good stuff vs. bad stuff. But again, I like your video man.

  • Does it matter how strenuous your activity is? Example: push ups versus one are push ups. Obviously if i do 70 push ups, my arms aresore afterward. I can usually only do about 5-7 one arm push ups, but there isn't soreness. Am i working just as hard ir should i try to do 30 push ups after one arm push ups?

  • kaip matau esi lietuvis tai paaiskinsiu kiek galima issamiau lietuviskai. kol sportuoji sudegini kalorijas. tarkim 1h buvai saleja ir sudeginai 300~ kaloriju tai tas kalorijas privalai kompensuoti ir negana to dadeti +500. kad mane geriau suprastum eik i svetaine ten yra skaiciuotuvas kuris pagal tavo ugi, svori amziu ir intensivumo lygi nustatys kiek tu privalai suvalgyti kad palaikytum svori. prie tu kaloriju dadek +500. o atsakymas ar galima mesti ir auginti svori tai ne.

  • svori auginti reikia menesiais net metais kol priaugi daug kokybisko svorio o ne vien lasiniu. jei bandysi viena diena auginti kita mesti tai rezultatas nieko nepasieksi. daug galiu tau aiskinti bet geriausia bus jei pradesi pats dometis ir apsilankysi toje svetaineja kur parasiau. ten nebekils tau klausimu kiek kaloriju turi suvalgyti jei sportuoji ar nesportuoji

  • The muscles aren't experiencing hypertrophy due to low reps, it's building strenght instead. Just keep doing them and increase the amount sets until you can do 12+ reps per set then decrease the total number of sets.

  • oatmeal is a good post-workout meal . Also try post-workout shake with 2 bananas and 1 cup of milk . Just some carbs with some protein

  • Yes, that's exactly what I said : easier to digest small meals, and no effect on metabolism… studies also show a small increase in metabolism when you fast. To conclude : eat between 3 and 5 meals or just the number you feel good with. I recommend you watch the eric helms "nutrition pyramid", it could clear your mind on the importance of this

  • I'm around 2k ( I'm 18, 185cm, 76kg ) calories but i'm busting my ass and eating like 4k on workout days, and around 3k on rest days, it's really hard but i gained like 5 pounds in 12 days :D. I'm eating a lot of carbons and proteins, and i'm avoiding any kind of food with a lot of fat.

  • HI, thx for your videos.
    For you is it possible to gain weight without fat?
    For exemple increase by 300-400 calories only with protein nutriment?

  • i know it's a very controversial subject, but what's your take on trying to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time – is it possible?

  • I'm not him but I'll answer it anyway. No. Some people might think they are, but they are just getting more toned to give it that look. Just like he said in his video you need a surplus of calories. When you're on a deficit of calories to lose weight, you can't gain muscle from nothing or even minus nothing (which is what you're doing on a deficit).

  • He lost 27 pounds not only in fat, but muscles, minerals from bones, percentage of water. Losing weight is bad even if it's belly, people should have belly and should weight heavier, because it gives them strength, more power, even doing bodyweight exercise with heavy body, will effect muscles more than light. Overweight is not good. BTW You didn't tell anything about fats or I missed that part xD fats 4 life 😀

  • Is it possible being on a calorie deficit but keep training for strength gains? by eating mostly proteins and such?

  • yes it is, it will make you lose weight though, i didnt understand this concept so when i started training this summer and eating healtier i was losing weight! because like a whole meal for me could be a tuna sandwich and tuna has like no calories haha, i was very confused, but i knew i was still gaining muscle and strength. so i was really lean i had like no fat.

  • i dont believe this is true because i was losing weight and gaining muscle and strength at the same time, he said you need to eat more calories to gain WEIGHT eat less to lose WEIGHT not to gain or lose muscle, as long as your getting enough protein you gain muscle and strength.

  • Thanks man you have done more than enough for us! AND  i will appreciate more if people who leave stupid comments understand  that your videos are  teaching us to good things ,they are millions of useless videos on YouTube  where they can let their stupid comments .

  • Excellent info.  I have a question.  I have been doing some research on the diet layed out in the Old Testament.  Now I dont plan on eating Kosher but my point is that God showed us a plan for diet that to this day is perfect.  Back then Moses would have had no idea about calories, sugar, etc and to me this is amazing.  Would you consider doing a video talking about the benifits of that diet.  To me it seems that the only small changes that can be made today would be with certain shelled animals that might have been extremely difficult to tell poisoness from non poisoness.  Calorie counting works btw and thanks for all the info!!!!

  • Also I want to add be honest with the results.  Possibly eating the Jewish Diet in the old testament is terrible for you.  I am not a diet expert…just my input.  Thanks!

  • ПАША!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Прошу, переведи это видео!!! И остальные тоже!!! Не обделяй своих Российских зрителей. Ну не знаю я английского(((

  • you are having pimple/acne out break …

    drink some apple cider vinegar .. try some pure cocnut oil (get it cheap from indian grocery store) …
    thanks ..

  • Great overall video but BMR (basal metabolic rate) is not equal to the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight. BMR is the amount of calories your body burns at rest, this number is what your body needs to sustain basal processes. This is 1000-1500 calories, roughly. Add to this the calories you burn throughout the day via physical activity and you have the caloric maintenance level (what you are talking about). I'm studying nutrition btw

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