(EDM music)
(dramatic music)
Well it’s Thursday night!
I wonder if there’s any suiters around!
Everyone: Yeah
Oh! There are!
Porcupine! Porcupine!
I just wanted to say that
you’re dressed very sharply.
“Oh my gosh you’re awful!”
“I haven’t heard that joke all day!”
What are all the puns you get?
“I mean, I get called a prick all the time!
I don’t think you’re a prick!
Personally I think you’re pretty “pine”.
“Get out of here!”
Hey Quillsy! Do you know any other
“I know a few, yeah! There’s dozens of us!”
Yeah exactly! Porcupines gotta stick together!
“Boo!” (people groan)
“Get out!”
Oh my God it’s Majira!
Wait- what?! I’m so confused! What?! Ahh!
Majira: “Oh no! I’m projecting! I’ve become two!”
So OmNom! Your name
is OmNom! So do you make the sound “Om Nom?”
(squirrel sounds) You do? You do?
Then shouldn’t your
name be Om-Nom-atopoeia!
(squirrel sounds)
Anyone? Anyone?
Okay I’ll put a cricket sound effect!
Okay my camera is being requisitioned!
Hey ace! Ace squirrel! Hey you suck!
Hey Ace, you suck! Squirrels suck!
Squirrels suck and they’re stinky and-
Oh there was no window!
(fast fight music)
(punching sound effects)
(slow-mo voice)
(punching sound effects)
This is- people are going to believe this is 100% legit!
Furry TMZ!
Majira: “Oh my god!”
Oh my god, it’s the pawparazzi guys!
Pawparazzi! That’s it! That’s the bit. (laughter)
When the booty game too strong.
So at ACFI I I signed up to do something really cool,
which was dance in fursuit in front of a bunch of people.
So check out what happened. Yay!
(EDM music)
Hey Ace! Squirrels suck!
They suck, they smell, they’re stinky, they’re no-good,
and it’s locked and there’s nothing you can do…
Oh shoot!
(dramatic chase music)
(gasping sounds)
Sucks to be you squirrel! You can’t swim, can you?
You can’t swim!
No you can’t! Squirrels suck!
OmNom: Nos! What are you doing?
I’m making art! Dad! This is what I do for fun!
OmNom: You don’t understand me Dad!
OmNom: It’s Nos.
CandyPaws: Nos!
Oh shoot! Oh shoot!
Timus: Anything to say to the world?
I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry.
That was actually really refreshing
(sultry saxophone music)
Hey, so I did do another convention since last vlog,
which was IndyFurCon in Indianapolis, Indiana!
Now I didn’t manage to capture much
footage that convention because of
certain things happening, huff.
But- (laughs)
I did manage to capture this extremely cursed
but hilarious late night fast food adventure.
Warning, it is a little gross
but it is pg-13. You have been warned.
Enjoy the depravity, and I’m sorry for
what you’re about to witness. Enjoy!
(EDM music)
Crowd of people: Yoooooo!
Ascari: So McDonald’s doesn’t open till 4:00.
Ascari: I’m gonna come back with about $30 worth of
chicken biscuits and sausage biscuits, okay?
(EDM music)
“…around 4:00 but no we’re still not ready yet.”
“How much longer you think?”
“Uh I do apologize but about 30 minutes at least…”
Let’s try a different place I think.
“I’m sorry sweetheart!”
Ascari: You seemed sincere, thank you.
Have a good day!
Ascari: Have a good day.
All right so this is the quest for 4:00 am food,
we’re in Indianapolis right now,
we’re trying to get food.
Ascari: Ascari is not even drunk and he’s
very very hungry.
Ascari: There’s a ton of drunk people who have my camera. This night I feel can only end badly.
It’s a somewhat cursed night but basically
Ascari’s trying to get food for the people…
I’m trying to think of a dare that he can do.
For the views!
(EDM music)
Ascari: We ordered $60 of Steak N Shake for people!
Ascari: Cos all the McDonalds were closed!
I think we got 10 burgers, 6 fries,
6 hot dogs,
and then I got 3 Mac and cheeses for me cos I’m a giant.
And I know the math is gonna be off,
but I left him a $20 tip, that’s why.
He’s a modern-day Jesus.
“I need freakin food!”
Ascari: I kind of want the visualization myself!
Make a pyramid! 4-3-2-1.
“No make a pentagram.”
Ascari: Hot dogs…
And guess what?! Ascari’s gonna eat it all!
Just kidding.
“I freaking hope not!”
This is all of the food!
This is what $60 of Steak and Shake looks like.
It’s not a lot which kinda surprises me
Before we eat we must praise the Lord!
Dear furry Jesus! Thank you for the Steak
n Shake fast food.
You make me fat AF, you make me drunk AF,
and you kind low key make me gay AF.
(EDM music)
I accidentally spilled some mac n cheese on the table…
We’re gonna risk it… if I get con crud,
I can’t work for like a week.
Nos: Please don’t!
Ascari: We’re gonna risk it.
Oh no!
You might as well lick the table while
you’re at it.
Oh God. (screams)
Are you ready? Nos is gonna try and eat this food as
fast as he humanly can.
I guess this is like my hoop mixtape
for like the professional eating
Ascari: You’re not fat enough.
You can be a skinny guy and be a
professional eater!
“That’s true that’s true!”
I’m hungry! Let’s do it! Let’s do it!
(epic music)
“That’s a horrible idea! Okay! Go! Go! Go!”
“Oh that’s a horrible idea! You did it both at the same time!”
“He looks like a pro eater! Look
at his mouth!”
(mumbled) Why is there a crowd?
“See I’d start chanting but I don’t want
security to come and kick us out.”
“Oh my god it’s vore!”
“Vore that Steak n shake!”
“Look at him go! There’s two hot dogs left.”
“There’s two hot dogs left.”
all right I’m
I ain’t messing with the hot dogs.
“Who do you think could east faster?
Me or Nos?”
Okay, heck!
No wait, hold up. Is this a duel?
Alright! Sausage eating contest! (laughter)
5 4 3 2 1 go!
(dramatic eating montage music)
You’ve got to completely chew… swallow!
“This dude’s already halfway done!”
He’s gotta swallow!
(dramatic eating montage music)
It’s on!
(shouting and screaming)
You gotta show everyone!
Come on!
“He’s got the look on his face like, I got that!”
(screaming and cheers)
“That heckin hurt!”
Who’s up next?
“Can we do fry eating?”
Why not?
“I’ll do a fry eating contest!”
“Here’s what Nos be doing… he’s filling this shit so much!”
“This is more than what they actually give us!”
“It’s so greasy!”
“You’re eating Steak n Shake!”
“Gotta cheers first!”
“Ready? Ready 3 2 1 go!”
(dramatic food eating music)
“Oh heck look at this guy go! He’s eating it like he’s drinking pop!”
If it falls on the ground you gotta eat it!
“This is what drunk people do when they want to go on YouTube!”
“Oh look! A fry!”
“This dude just ate it off the ground dude!”
“This is absolutely wonderful!”
What is my youtube channel turning into?
“He dropped it!”
I have never seen two furries try so much at anything!
(laughter) Until right now!
“This is how you get con crud!”
“There’s so many fries!”
“It’s getting close! Oh, oh shoot. Oh shoot! Oh!”
(random screaming)
Oh he’s getting to the bottom!
“Dude he’s getting to the bottom!”
“Homeboy over here thinks he’s got it!
“You gotta swallow!”
“I always swallow.”
(dramatic music)
“Come on!”
“Can he do it?”
Oh wait, come from behind!
“Oh nah it’s too much.”
(dramatic eating music)
Oh shoot!
“You have to remember, this is what
happens when you get wild with Ascari Husky!”
I believe it!
“Look at how greasy that stuff is!”
Ascari! I will pay you-
Oh shoot! He’s doing it for free!
I was gonna pay you to do that!
“See I would have done it too!
That’s the worst part!”
He’s doing it for free!
“What the heck are you doing dude?”
Please lie down on a
bench and we will eat food off you!
“I’ll do it!”
I don’t know the funk
is happening but this is!
“Just drizzle!”
“He’s eating off my stomach!”
What is happening?!
My channel is definitely getting deleted after this!
“This is like the weirdest stuff I’ve ever done!”
What?! (laughter)
“Gimme some wine!”
(laughter and screaming)
“You know the sad part Zuka?”
The fries on his stomach just make it
taste like mac and cheese! (laughter)
“Yo this is what happens when you
hang out with me at cons.”
“It gets wild man!”
“What do you want to eat off of next?”
“Let us know in the comments below!”
“I hate you to inform you, there’s still more fries!”
What?! (screaming)
We can like lady and the tramp some of that stuff!
No homo! Who’s doing this?
(screaming and laughter)
WTF this is wonky as crap!
Last fry! Last fry! Last fry!
“Wait wait! No hetero!”
Who’s drinking the subway drink?
“Get it! Get it! Send it!”
“No! Carney!”
(screams) “Where did that even come from?”
It materialized for the video!
“How does he do it?”
“Oh my gosh!”
Hey thank you so much watching this vlog!
Shout out to my super secret
Thank you so much for watching this!
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I
enjoyed making it.
Shout out to Ace Squirrel!
This is definitely legit 100%
the real Ace Squirrel and not fake Ace Squirrel!

And thanks so much for watching!
(EDM music)
You watch television?
“I do.”
Is your favorite Channel Spike TV?
“Yeah it actually is!”
Oh awesome!
“It’s for men!”


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