This one word is the most liked word in English for Kumar.

He was a lucky man from birth onwards. His paternal uncle who died on the day he was born, left all his assets to him. Thus, a child born to penniless parents was able to get a sizeable wealth overnight. In education also he always stood first not because of hard work, but because of sheer luck. (The questions would be just from the little portion, he prepared for the examination). He got a good job, that of a manager in a multinational company at the age of twenty in his first interview itself.

No doubt he was a handsome person. Added with his own luck, ladies were just behind him. But he wanted a pristine pure lady and after a long search got married to Lakshmi. He was utterly disappointed that he was not so lucky in that aspect. She was not a modern girl modern, in his opinion. No doubt she was beautiful, but not at all gorgeous he expected from his wife.

Secondly, she was not convent educated. She had studied only up to tenth standard in a local school.

Barring the first week after their marriage, he did not show interest in having sex with her.

Lakshmi did not understand the reason for his attitude towards her. However she reconciled to the situation stating that “even if the husband is a stone he is the boss and grass leaf he is the God” which is the common attitude of domestic ladies of South India.

Kumar was waiting in New Delhi airport for the return flight to Mumbai. Unfortunately. His ticket was not confirmed. He just fired his travel agent who booked a first class air-conditioned train ticket and they rushed to the railway station.

The train was about to start and he just pushed in. He was accosted to his seat by the conductor with all respect.

The train started picking up speed when he removed his coat and had a glance of the cabin.

My God! It seemed that good luck started smiling at him once again.

It was a coupe and the other occupant was a ‘blonde bonanza’. She extended a welcome smile at him and he started flying in air.

“Hello, I am Hema” she extended her hand and in return Kumar introduced himself and caught hold of the hand.

For just fifteen minutes they were chit chatting and Kumar told “Excuse me, madam.” So saying, he opened his briefcase. He picked up first class scotch bottle and two glass cups. He extended one to her and without hesitation she took it.

The drink removed all the hesitation. He hugged her with full force and she never objected to any move he made.

That night he realised the meaning of paradise. He got what all he missed with his wife Lakshmi.

Next day when they parted with each other “Hema, please leave your address to me”

“Sorry Sir, It is one time affair. Let me join my husband”

In Mumbai C.S.T station her husband was BONANZAJP  waiting to receive her. Kumar was shocked to see him. My God, absolutely no comparison!

He was unable to forget her company even after he reached office.

There was another surprise for him waiting.

His boss Mr Sundar, M.D of the company called him inside. When he entered he was taken by surprise to see a very beautiful dame sitting in front of him.

“Welcome Kumar. Please take your seat.” Then he told, “Meet my daughter Mala. She has just returned from U.S. Shortly she will be taking over this company”. Then, he turned towards his daughter and told. “Mala, Kumar will introduce you to all the nuances of this business. He knows all the ins and outs”

“Whether I show all the ins and outs of business, I will show the ins and outs of human sex” Kumar was planning how to conquer her.

He thought it was not a very difficult thing for him. They found lot of privacy while visiting various places of Mumbai. They drank and danced together. They even had long kisses. But for full sex she did not oblige.


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