8-Week Keto Diet Review / Mi Experiencia con Dieta Cetogenica en 8 Semanas

8-Week Keto Diet Review  / Mi Experiencia con Dieta Cetogenica en 8 Semanas

100 thoughts on “8-Week Keto Diet Review / Mi Experiencia con Dieta Cetogenica en 8 Semanas

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  • I’m on the second month of my Keto journey 🙂 !! I was so overwhelmed at the beginning. This program helped me a loot!

  • Hey, I love this video thanks. I just got into fat burning and I'm thinking of going with ( https://bit.ly/2QiVxut) to help burn weight.

    My uncle tried this program and he saw results quick. Do you think I should follow this method,or burn weight by eating healthy and excercising (Not seeing any results)? What do you think about it? I keep reading good reviews about it but I am unsure if it will still work on me if I am 25.

    It's on sale right now at a very low price, so if possible can you leave me feedback on wether I should do it or not. It would mean a lot coming from an expert in this field.

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  • I did not experience any sluggishness or extreme cravings during my transition. I was already on magnesium supplements, getting lots of potassium in avocados and a good salt intake. Also I did no exercise while transitioning to give my body time to adjust. Electrolytes, water and avoiding shocking my system with strenuous exercise made for a smooth transition this first 4 weeks for me. I'm doing the ketogenic and wheat belly approach.

  • Dr Stephen Phinney says your kidneys secrete a ton of sodium and to not experience the "flu" you need to increase your sodium intake – sodium is different than salt. Dr. Phinney says 5 grams of sodium – which is about 12 grams of salt bc salt contains about 40% sodium. so to eliminate the flu, dizziness etc increase daily sodium intake.

  • My chest genetics are very similar to yours. Have the exact same void in the middle of the pecs. How many grams per pound of protein did you have per pound on the diet. Nvm watched the whole thing 😂

  • The keto diet is definitely something you should study before you begin. Most people take potassium and magnesium supplements.

  • Having that many eggs a day your cholesterol must be through the roof! I don't really care how much better the keto diet is too the conventional diets I can't live without fruit 😂😂

  • Kevin thank you for this informative video. I’m giving this a try. I also love Dr. Eric Berg’s videos on this too. He’s very good.

  • For anyone struggling with a sweet tooth, I'd highly recommend using Monkfruit sweetener instead of those synthetic options. They all have inflammatory properties that aren't good if you're in the process of detoxing from carbs. Besides, Monkfruit tastes WAY more love actual sugar.

  • A lot of misinformation here, I suggest people stay away from Gatorade and cheat meals. Better to find alternatives to them to reduce the risk of you sliding back off of Keto. Also, there are better low carb nut options over cashews, because they aren't really a nut, they are a fruit. You are right on a lot of this information, but I have found in my research that Dr. Berg and Thomas Delaur are some of the best resources to learn about the Keto Diet.
    How to do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBw2rdwBfZE
    When supplementing, be wary of sucralose because it's really bad for gut health, and maltodextrin because it has a higher glycemic response than sugar.

  • he obviously isn't informed enough on keto diet to do this video. look up more keto videos that give you great information before you start keto.

  • if you can remember, what day did you start feeling the keto flu? I am on day 2 and I feel fine, I would like to know when to expect the feeling because I feel super charged all day long. Thank you.

  • I don't know if its me or the lighting or just you, but your skin looks so dang even (the color) on week 8's pictures (like a silky chocolate) vs week 1(old ashy chocolate bar from the vending machine that never got changed out, NOT THAT extreme just using that as an analogy) . 9:09.

  • man i am trying to go keto i am having hard time but i will make it its hard to find the right food then i need time to get my body use to this type of food cutting all fruit beans its very hard i made a nice omelette with goat cheese and avocado but the keto bread taste like hell i feel tired i dont eat the amount food i use to because adding alot of fat with no carb still hard for me but the health benefit deserve to make sacrifices

  • Maple flavored syrup ? What are the ingredients in that. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that can’t be good on any diet. Why not use real maple syrup

  • idk what im doing with this diet i eat avocado and egg for breakfast most of the time skip lunch and have cooked mincemeat with vegtables not a picky eater so idm but as long as it works thats all i care bout is this good enough for the keto diet

  • Just remove two things please to be healthier first protein powder , second cashew as contain high carbs, good luck bro and nice information 👍🏻🖤

  • Kevin Is this diet even possible to lose weight if I’m not working out due to a bad back,only exercise I do is walking a lot? How much macro should I consume for a person who doesn’t work out 44 years old six feet tall 2010 pounds?

  • Hi what type of exercise u do to tone up ur upper body I go gym 4 days per week and that's my target because am top heavy any tips?

  • A liquid mineral will calm the sweet tooth. Makes it real easy to stay away from the sweets. Get all your minerals by adding the liquid to your shakes or smoothy

  • The 28-Day Keto Challenge
    The 28-Day Keto Challenge is a well-crafted plan to get you through the first month.

    You get a 28-day meal plan to guide you every step of the way. You’re never left to figure things out on your own. Nothing is left to chance.

    Simply follow the plan and you WILL succeed.

    And it’s more than a plan. It’s also a challenge. It’s designed to stretch you, to see what you’re really capable of.

    (Not to worry… With the proper guidance, you can do more than you think!)

    When you sign up for the 28-Day Keto Challenge, you’ll get a full 28-Day Meal Plan, which includes 7 guides to educate and encourage you on the way

  • This is all good for you young guys..different ball game when your older.things don’t happen that fast..

  • When the ball dropped on New Years I told myself I will do everything in my power to transform my body, and it has not been easy. KETO is the key folks and there's no denying it. Try my method and keep me updated with your results, you can message me anytime. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-UpV31oigBsQKMjGxzY8PTbAuLT0iHb731Fcl5McySs/edit?usp=sharing

  • Hi ! I'm in keto already after 6 weeks adapted.. Can I lower my kcal from 2500 to 2000 because my weight is stopped how much kcal should I eat if my weight is 97 kg ?

  • I know this video was a long time ago but I have a question. When you said you had a treat meal a week did that involve carbs?

  • So you were more on a cyclical Keto Diet. Traditional Keto doesn’t involve a “carb day.” Also the weakness and keto flu is a result of your body flushing out essential electrolytes. You need a lot of salt with keto. And honestly Gatorade is terrible all around. If you need electrolytes, you should get the tablets or an electrolyte supplement. If you did that, you wouldn’t have been feeling as though you were going to pass out. You should check out some creators who do keto or have done it for years

  • I know this video is ol' but I'm a teacher that lives off coffee (very sweet coffee) but I need my energy boots in the morning.. so I traded my morning coffee for red bull sugarfree… am I making any sense on doing that?

  • Should have told them how to get rid of keto flu in 1 day. You need a pill. Magnesium, potassium, sodium & 1 other. You can get it in one easy pill. You'll never have Keto flu if you take those minerals. Surprised he didn't mention that. It's a very well known fact. Or even beef bullion. Boil water, put in cube, let cool drink = NO KETO FLU.

  • I did keto for a few months. And I got flat too!! I always tell people that. Even my breast and legs LOL

  • Saw you on the Rachel Ray show making stuffed cabbage rolls…Delish!! You looked great…TY for the Healthy & motivating tips and recipes!! I am on a mission in my 60's to lose 25 lbs mostly Keto w/ little added fruit (berries). Loss 20 lbs year and half ago. Then after a trip to Israel…came down w/ winter bug …where I could't eat anything Keto. Only wanted crackers/soup. LOL I am now in a brand new season…with my groc list in tact…getting creative in adding my good fats to my meals. Stay tune ! 🙂

  • I did try the Keto for about 4 weeks and I lost about 15 pounds, it does work, I did experience all the symptoms you mention, but I really found that It was not the right thing for me even that I was eating tons of vegetables, my body was not functioning properly, I was tired all the time craving carbs, my washroom schedule was not really working either lol and not in the greatest mood, obviously when I went back to my regular diet I gain all the weight back, but I do feel better now eating fresh fruit and carbs.

  • Hey Kevin! Long time follow on IG, first time your vids popped in my YouTube queue. How many grams of carbs were you keeping under while doing keto strictly?

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