Broomfield, CO –August 19, 2009.  The traditional divide between IT and Facilities departments means that many data center professionals do not see their energy bills.  To help these professionals quantify energy use and costs, 42U (, a leader in data center efficiency solutions and services, has added a new PUE Calculator, also known as Power Usage Effectiveness calculator, to its collection of interactive, web-based tools. The online calculator details the effect of PUE—a leading efficiency metric—on energy use, energy cost, and carbon footprint and helps professionals start a business case for efficiency improvements.

“We believe in PUE, and we believe in spreading the PUE message to all of our data center clientele,” said Tricia Ang, Director of Marketing. “Some facilities may not know where to begin the PUE discussion. This calculator gives a straightforward explanation of the metric and provides a glimpse into the potential Scientific Calculators savings data centers can expect.”

After users insert their current IT load and total facility load, the tool calculates PUE on a scale of 4.0 to 1.1. Based on the PUE score, the calculator predicts annual energy consumption and annual carbon footprint. The built-in energy value (averages for each state) also computes annual energy expense.

After the initial computation, data center professionals can insert more efficient values into the calculator, the result of efforts like airflow management or virtualization. The kilowatt hours, energy costs, and CO2 values drop as the PUE score gets closer to 1. The potential cost savings and positive PR are compelling reasons for companies to implement a comprehensive, ongoing efficiency program in their data centers.

For more detailed calculations, 42U’s   makes use of the same formulas to project energy, cost, and CO2 savings over 1, 5, and 10 years.

42U provides clients with a phased approach to data center efficiency, starting with low-cost/ no cost best practices that lead to an immediate reduction in energy expense. These savings, reinvested in efficient technologies, allow data centers to continually evolve into highly efficient, highly available facilities.

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