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Hi guys, I’m Mocho and I’m in Los Angeles.
Today I’ll take you to four fast-food that you possibly don’t know.

the States are well known for their fast food chains
as Mcdonald’s, Burger King and Subway,
which spread all over the world,
but there are other gems as well,
which are less famous but still unmissable.
Today I’ll show you some of those ones.
Let’s go.
The first Chipotle opened in Denver, Colorado in 1993
and it became a real empire very quickly.
As a matter of facts McDonald’s decided to invest in this chain,
however it retreated after a couple of years.
Chipotle’s strong point is the fresh food,
for example guacamole is handmade every morning
while the meat is top quality.
There isn’t a real menu:
there’s a list of ingredients that you can choose
to make burritos, tacos, bowls or salads.
I’m starting with tacos,
this one is a chicken taco
but it’s stuffed with a lot of other things like guacamole.

the chicken is very good,
super juicy.

Guacamole is really sweet.
I would have preferred it more spicy
and sour with a bit of onion.
But it’s very good and sweet
The pico de gallo is very light, I miss coriander.
Anyway the chicken is very very juicy.

Let’s pass to the beef taco

it is filled with a lot of other things as well
there’s some pico de gallo, guacamole,
What strikes me is the beef softness
the meat is not dry,
you can easily chew it
and it’s perfectly spiced, a little hot.
The beef is very good

The spicy meat, the sweet avocado
and the sour cream make a perfect trio.
Very good.
Here’s the signature dish, the burrito.

I took it with double meat, chicken and beef,
and I added brown rice,
bell pepper, onion, guacamole,
cheese and pico de gallo.
I try it.
Mmh, I forgot black beans
There’s a lot of pico de gallo,
now I can taste the coriander.

Bell peppers and onions are slightly cooked but still crunchy,
a real pleasure.

I love rice in burritos,
a burrito without rice
is like bacon without crispy.
Obviously we’re talking about a fast food chain,
so it’s not like a real mexican burrito
like the one that I ate in San Diego.
The taste is completely different,
this one is adapted to what USA people prefer.
This is more like a “north American Mexican food”.
Pizza Hut and Domino’s are probably the most famous pizza restaurant chains in the States,
but there’s a third chain which is well known as well,
that’s: Little Caesars.
Let’s try its pizza.

Little Caesars is a love story:
Mike and Marian met in Detroit and opened the first pizza restaurant together in 1959.
Little Caesars menu comprehends classic pizzas
and Detroit style rectangular pizzas.
You can choose every topping you want,
I took an extra pepperoni with cheese.
Little Caesars is famous because they always have some pizzas ready,
there’s no delivery service,
but you can go there and take a pizza immediately,
just as I did
They keep them hot in some ovens behind the check-out
so that they give you the pizza right away
and you can go home and eat it.

I took a pepperoni extra cheese.
he base is soft and sweet,
it’s very soft
but well cooked at the same time as you can see here

The cheese covers everything from the crust to the end.

The pepperoni slices are very thin
and there’s a strong fennel aftertaste.
It’s not one of my favourite pizzas from the States
but in the fast food game,
Little Caesars can compete against Domino’s and Pizza Hut.
This pizza will make you feel like a Ninja Turtle,

I’m in Jimmy John’s.
Everyone knows Subway but here in the States Jimmy John’s as well is very famous for its sandwiches.
The first one was opened in Charleston, Illinois
by a young man who decided to open a shop for college students

As every good story, it starts in a garage
and ends up with 2500 shops scattered in USA.

The strong point is the fresh food:
Jimmy John’s guys always point out that their vegetables come from farms
that are near the shops,
they cut them every morning,
and their tuna salad is always super fresh.

Let’s start with the pack that is super cool!

I took a n. 9,
with salami, pork neck, ham and provolone cheese,
plus salad, tomato, onions and other things.
Let’s start with this “Italian Night Club”.
The sandwich is huge
and super filled
The bread is what they call “italian bread”,
hard on the outside and soft on the inside

There’s an unjustified abundance of cold cuts.

There are onions and salad,
tomatoes are seasoned with oil and oregano.
There’s also some vinegar which gives a sour taste that fits in very well
I would have preferred it heaten up,
so that the cheese would have been a bit melted.
The cold cuts are top quality,
there’s plenty of it,
the italian bread is fabulous and there’s a bit of mayonnaise that covers everything
It’s really good.

I must try they tuna salad,
which is their highlight.
So I took a totally tuna,
which is beautiful.
There’s some salad, tomato, cucumber,
and their tuna salad made with tuna
onion, celery and the secret sauce
with marinated cherry peppers
I’m going to try it.

The tuna salad is very good,
super creamy and not stringy at all.
I can taste the crunchy celery
which contrasts with the creamy tuna

Sliced tomato and cucumber make it a summer sandwich.
I took it with an extra dose of their sauce, that is very good.

These sandwiches are top quality
if I had compared Subway to this one,
Subway would have certainly lost.

I’m at Jack in The Box
one of the most iconic fast food in the USA,
it was born in San Diego in 1951.
This is one of the chains that revolutionized fast food world
in fact they were the first chain to use the interphone for the orders.
The interesting thing of Jack in The Box is
that you can order the breakfast menu all day long
So that you can have breakfast sandwiches or burritos any time.
There are more than 2200 shops, scattered in more than 21 states of USA.

We can notice San Diego influence in the menu as well
because they have tacos,
which are very appreciated by Jack in The Box clients.

The crust is very crunchy,
the beef is shredded with beans, salad,
ketchup and a spicy sauce.
It’s very chemical
not very good.
This is a curly fried cheeseburger,
which is a simple cheeseburger
with curly fries in it
cheese and mayonnaise
with sriracha
The fries are a bit soft,
but the combo cheddar and sriracha is really good.

The bread is like the italian bread, not bad.
The meat is the typical fast food patty,
it’s not exceptional.
Let’s try this Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger.

It seems like a double cheese with a lot of bacon
Let’s see if it’s crispy:
it’s not bad, actually.
but It could have been better.
It’s like a Crispy Mac Bacon.
Very good.
There are both white cheddar and classic cheddar,
the sauce, the patty and bacon
Not bad.
The impressive thing is that Jack in the Box
has more than 30 sandwiches
and they’re all available at any time.
The menu is huge
and there’s also tex mex food like tacos and fajitas.

These were four fast foods that you probably didn’t know
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