10 Reasons You Should Eat Low Fat Raw Vegan Instead of High Fat Raw Food Diet

10 Reasons You Should Eat Low Fat Raw Vegan Instead of High Fat Raw Food Diet

Alright, this is John Kohler with okraw.com.
Today I have another exciting episode for
you and this episode was filmed at the Woodstock
food festival 2013 where I got to interview
9 of the other pioneers and my self, that’s
a total of 10, the 10 reasons why you show
go from a high fat raw vegan diet to a low
fat raw vegan diet. First, I wanted to define
the terms. What is a high fat and what’s a
low fat raw vegan diet? Some people in raw
foods may advocate as much as 40% of calories
from fat, such as Dr. Gabriel Cousins who
does the lean green cuisine diet, and he advocate
lots of calories, actually, from fat. 40%.
Even more so, a lot of standard raw foodists
that get new into the movement tend to eat
overeat nuts and seeds and oils and can eat
60% or more calories from fat. That, in my
opinion, is definitely not good and I wish
people that made, you know, gourmet recipe
videos on YouTube would stop making ones that
have such levels of fat. It’s not healthy,
in my opinion. In any case, let’s define what
high and low fat raw food is. So, in my opinion,
high fat would be maybe like above 25% and
the low fat would definitely be below 25%.
So, according the Woodstock food festival
when the pioneers got together actually last
year, we determined that according to the
Woodstock food festival, low fat means 25%
or less from calories from fat. Some people
that you’ll hear in this interview advocated
actually about a 10% or even less tan 10%
calories form fat. So, with that in mind,
let’s get into this clip and share with you
guys the 10 reasons why you should go from
a high fat to a low fat raw vegan diet. So,
now we’re with DurianRider. His website is
30bananasaday.com. He’s been into raw foods
for 11 years now.
You have more energy, you won’t be needing
to take cocoa and coffee and al that stuff,
stimulants, it’ll lower your (unclear) issues.
You’ll have more, better mental clarity, better
focus. You’ll have a lot more energy, like
I said in the first one. You’re digestion
is going to be a lot better because fat is
so hard to digest. You won’t have glucose
exhaustion any more. You’ll get more nourishment,
and you’re just going to look an feel better.
You won’t have the greasy hair and skin as
So, now we’re with Megan Elizabeth. You can
learn more about her and check her out at
meganelizabeth.com. Be sire to check out her
YouTube videos as well at meganelizabeth on
YouTube. She has some fab videos, if you know
what I mean. She’s been into raw food for
over 5 years now.
Well, I think a lot of us get into eating
raw food, either because we have health issues
or we want better athletic performance and
the best way to do that is to reduce the energy
that you spend on digestion, and fats take
the longest to digest out of anything. More
time than protein, more time than carbohydrates.
So, if you lower the fat in your diet, then
you will have more energy for the rest of
your body to heal and be active and everything
and you won’t be wasting so much energy on
So, now we’re here with Tim Van Orden. Runningraw.com
is his website. Been into raw foods for 9
Because that’s what all the cool people eat.
I don’t think that ‘s acceptable.
Well, there’s certain raw food gurus that
wear ponchos and stuff and they just don’t
look all that healthy, but if you look at
the people that are eating a low fat diet,
really simple foods, not a lot of superfoods,
not a lot of gourmet stuff, just real simple
fresh produce, a lot of fruit, just look at
them. They’re fit, they’re lean, they’re healthy,
they’re vibrant. I look to the examples. Are
they walking the walk or are they just talking
the talk? There’s a lot of people talking
the talk about gourmet foods and superfoods
and you look at them and say, ‘well, I don’t
want to look like that.’ Like, you look at
the people here, everybody’s fit, everybody
is lean. Well, not everybody, but a good portion
of the people, and those that aren’t are becoming
fit and lean, you know. They’re in the process,
they’re on the journey. So, you just feel
better. When you eat a really complicated
fatty, cashews, walnuts, almonds, everything,
you know, a lot of coconut oil and all this
stuff, it just slows you down. You don’t feel
good. For me it’s al about performance. Lie,
I eat and then I have to train and if the
what I ate slows me down, it makes me fall
sluggish, I can’t train and my performance
is going to drop. So, I eat the diet that
allows me to perform at a higher level and
that’s just not this diet, and all the cool
people eat it.
So, now we’re here with Freelea the banana
girl. Be sure to check her YouTube channel
out at Freelea the banana girl. She has tons
of videos and they’re really well-watched
by lots of people, and even I check them out
sometimes. She’s been into raw food for the
last 7 years now.
It’s just like night and day. The difference
between high fat raw foods and low fat raw
foods is just, it’s so, so, much better to
be high carb and low fat because if you have
too much fat sludging up your blood stream,
then the sugar, which is what you run on,
the carbohydrates, won’t enter your cell properly,
won’t get to your brain, you won’t feel as
good, you won’t feel as energetic, you’ll
feel lethargic, you want to sleep most of
the day, because every cell in your body runs
on glucose. So, you need that constant supply
from a low-fat source. So, excess fat in the
blood is not a good idea, and you will feel
the difference. You can do the test. Do 30
days high fat raw and 30 days high carb raw,
you will notice a difference and you will
prove it to yourself.
So, now we’re here with Dan McDonald, aka
DTM or the liferegenerator. Be sure to check
him out on YouTube. He’s been into raw foods
now for the last 13 years.
The low-fat, I really like. I like the no-fat
for period of time. I just did like a 24 day
juice fast, and that was really fun, no fat.
That was great. That gets a lot of electricity
flowing. I actually switch from a low-fat
diet to high fat for a while and I really
enjoyed it, and I like what I learned because
I was let out of the fat prison, and that
was important, to be let out of the fat prison,
ok? It was bad and good. Evil, right and wrong,
numbers counting and all that stuff, because,
you know, the fat can be very useful as a
tool. Let’s say we’re going to the airport.
Do we really want to absorb all that radiation
and insanity at the airport? No. So, before
you go, if you have 3 or 4 avocadoes on your
salad, buffer yourself out, or you can go
through periods, too, where you may want to
just put on a little weight. So, interstitially,
the fat will kind of sit there. So, it’s not
high quality tissue, but you’d look a little
bit plumper and if WWIII came you’re going
to last a couple more days because you’re
going to burn of that interstitial fluid.
So, your athletic performance may be effected,
if that’s your thing. So, it’s not bad or
wrong, it just is what it is. So, when I’m
in more of a spiritual phase and I’m at home
and I don’t have to deal with a lot, IC an
go in a no-fat diet, I enjoy it, I run around
the house like crazy, cleaning, I go exercise,
but then there are other times when I want
to sue the fat as a tool to sort of buffer
the radiation, the energy so that I’m not
picking up everything. You know how you’re
on the airplanes and you rein the airports
and the whole thing just feels like nightmare.
A few avocados will really settle the nerves
a bit, you know? You may go through a day
of sluggishness if you’re really tapped in.
So, again, fat can be just used as a tool
to, like I know my friend Lou. He’s been the
most successful raw fooder that I’ve met and
the strongest, most powerful human being that
I’ve met and who hardly needs to sleep and
never gets tired and is just a 60 year old
kid, but, you know, he uses the fat to sort
of bring himself down, otherwise he goes too
high up. So, it depends on the nature. Most
of us don’t get that high because we don’t
get that energetic clearing of the shockers
and the light bulb fully turned on, but when
you do, a lot of my mental doors have had
that, but there’s only a few of them, but
then they use food to keep them down and I’ve
known a lot of yogis, too, that have reached
those states of enlightenment and then they
have to sue those heavier food to sort of
keep them down on earth. So, there’s no right
or wrong. It depends on the context. So, you
know, but, personally, like I do roll with
the low fat diet right now. I’m probably about
20% fat in my day to day thing, but I also
do periods of just juice, or, you know, a
week or 2 or 3 weeks where I just drink juice
or I just eat fruit, and so it all just depends,
you know?
Alright, well, that’s the answer.
That’s, you know, that’s a real thing right
there, it’s tough. That one’s really challenging
to understand. You have to get to know yourself,
you know, and there are different times to
bring in different types of food. Winter,
I definitely like eating more fat. There’s
no doubt about that, because I’ve been out
here freezing cold and I can eat a couple
cups of hazelnuts and just be steaming with
not shirt out in the 20 degree heat because
the fat creates friction, heat viscosity,
and that’s good when it’s freezing cold out
there. You do not want to be eating like citrus
fruits when it’s 15 degrees in Michigan, you
know? You’re just out here and it’s miserable.
Just knock back a couple avo’s and some nuts
and some seeds. So, again, like, it’s too
bad that we can’t go along, but get your education
on and use yourself, practice, and see what
works for you.
So, now we’re with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram.
Her website is fullyraw.com. She’s been eating
a fully raw vegan diet for 8 years now.
I will give you 2 answers to that question.
Number one, I was almost high fat for the
first 6 months of me going raw. I was constipated
for 85% of the time, and when I switched to
a low-fat raw vegan diet, my system started
to flush itself out faster than I had ever
seen in my entire life. Normal people go once
or twice a week, and that was me, and now
I go 3-4 times a day and it feels amazing.
I’m not clogged up, I am not held back, and
not only that, but when you eat a high-fat,
it weighs you down, you feel tired, you have
less energy. SO, not only do you feel weighed
down in your stomach because things aren’t
moving, but you have less energy. So, it’s
going to A, keep you clean on the inside,
which makes you feel fresh in the outside
and your energy will go through the roof.
So, now we’re with Dr. Samuel Mielcarski.
It’s drsampt.com. He’s been into raw food
for the last 15 years.
One good reason to switch form a high-fat
to a low-fat raw food diet is because most
people that are long-term raw fooders have
figured out that a high-fat raw food diet
does not work for overall health. It may taste
good, it may make you feel high at times,
but overall, if you’re looking for long-term
health and wellness, then the high-fat raw
food diet does not work, for most people.
Now, we’re with Dr. Doug Graham. His website
is foodnsport.com. He’s been into raw foods
for 35 years now.
I think the big reason for going form a relatively
high-fat diet down to the healthy recommended
levels, which are form between about 3-10%
of your calories from fat, is for your health,
okay? It’s a health matter. I mean, if you
want to keep eating food, if you want to keep
playing games, if you want to keep meeting
people, you got to be healthy enough to do
so, and all of the health scientists are in
agreement that a low fat diet is in our best
interest. We’re going to do our best at transporting
oxygen through our blood vessels to get to
our cells. If you can’t transport oxygen,
you’re setting yourself up for cancer development,
you don’t get clear thinking in your head,
your muscles don’t respond like they’re supposed
to. For me, low-fat diet is the only way to
go because I’ve tried both ways and I know
how I feel. It’s all about the health of the
issue. People come to me with skin problems
and they say, ‘my skin is dry. Should I eat
more fat?’ and I tell them, ‘you know what?
Probably let’s try eating less fat,’ and they
look quizzical, you know, but at the end of
the day, when they try it, their skin just
clears up and actually looks better. I don’t
have one reason for eating more fat then you
need. There’s no health reason for eating
more fat than you need. So, instead, focus
on carbohydrates, get your sugars from fruit,
whole fresh ripe raw organic plants, and it’ll
work for you. Basically, I’m one of those
guys who goes after what works, and low-fat
or relatively low-fat, single-digit fat consumption,
seems to bring the greatest health results.
So, now we’re with Don Bennet DAS. His website
is health101.org. He’s been into a fruit-based
raw diet for over 20 years now.
Well, one reason would be to live to your
health and longevity potentials. To be optimally
healthy. If you don’t care about that, then,
yea, the more fat the better. Eat to, you
know, a 10-80-10 diet, that’s 80% fat, you
know, if you don’t really care about your
health, but if you want the best health that
your DNA will allow you to have, then, yea,
you don’t want to eat a low-fat diet, you
don’t want to eat a high-fat diet. You want
to eat an appropriate amount of fat diet,
that people refer to as a low-fat diet. You
don’t want to eat too low of fat diet, either,
but I know some people that do that. They
say, ‘Okay, fats are bad. No avocado, no nuts,
no seeds, no anything, no durian. No, that’s
not good because that has too much fat in
it,’ and they end up eating too low in the
sense that they don’t get enough, maybe just
not enough of omega-3 fatty acids. Yea, durian’s
good, durian’s your friend, if you don’t eat
5 of them at once, you know, but it’s a tropical
fruit and the tropical fruits tend to be a
little higher in fat than things like grapes
and apples and the temperate zone fruits.
So, yea, you want to eat an appropriate fat
diet. That’s what I call the diet that I eat.
So, now that you’ve heard form 9 of the other
pioneers, I’m going to share my take on the
subject. My name is John Kohler. I’ve been
into raw foods now for the last 18 years.
You can check me out at okraw.com, which is
where you’re at maybe right now watching my
videos. So, in my opinion, the one reason
why we should go from a high-fat to a low-fat
raw vegan diet is simply because, if you’re
eating fats, you’re going to be eating less
foods. So, you’re concentrating your calories.
One gram of fat has 9 calories. One gram of
protein or carbohydrates has 4. So, literally,
you could eat twice as much. In addition,
the fruits and vegetables calories that you’re
probably displacing by eating more fat calories
are more nutrient dense. They contain more
phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and
minerals than just the fats. So, for example,
if you ate one tablespoon of oil, and I don’t
care what kind of oil, raw, organic, version,
cold pressed, stone ground, olive oil, raw
coconut oil, you know, hemp seed oil, any
kind of oil is 120 calories per 1 tablespoon.
So, you could eat 120 calories of one tablespoon
or you could eat a nice large size banana
that’s probably like 120 calories, you know.
The banana has a lot more phytochemicals and
phytonutrients whereas the oil, 100% fat,
man. In addition, if instead of eating, you
know, the one tablespoon of oil, you could
eat like probably like 1.5 heads of romaine
lettuce and that has a lot more phytochemicals
and phytonutrients. So, the more fat you eat,
you’re displacing more of the calories and
now they cannot come from fruits and vegetables
or you will be overeating. I see many people
eating a high-fat diet, you know, raw vegan
diet, eating far too many calories ’cause
the fat calories start adding up. I mean,
people are just shoveling down handfuls of
nits in assisting and I do not recommend that.
So, to get into this further, you know, how
much fat should we eat? Should we eat 10%,
25%, 50%? Well, you know, one of the arguments
that’s often given by vegans and vegetarians
on why you should not eat animal products
is because of the protein issue. We don’t
need that much protein, you know. If we look
at human mothers breast milk it’s about 5-6%
protein by calorie. On the same token, let’s
look at fat. You know, mothers’ breast milk
is about 50% of calories from fat. So, in
my opinion, we should never eat more than
that amount of fat. That being said, we’re
not babies, and we’re not trying to double
in size. I mean, maybe you’re a wrestler and
you are trying to double in size. You might
want to eat that much fat. So, we should never
eat more than 50% fat by calories. So, that
being said, how much should we eat? Well,
we know it’s somewhere between 0 and 50%.
Some people in the low-fat raw vegan movement
will want you to believe it’s 10% or below.
You know, I’m kind of a little it more moderate
and, you know, want to insure I get enough
fat because the weakest point of any chain
in the weakest link, and if you, you know,
your weak link is that you’re not getting
the appropriate kinds of fats or enough fats,
that’s going to make you weak and you’re not
going to be as healthy as possible. One of
the things I like to think about is that every
cell in our body and our brain is actually
made up of mostly fats. I mean, the lipids
in our cell walls are fats, and, you now,
if you don’t have enough fats in your brain,
your head, you’re not going to operating properly.
So, the kind of fats that I recommend are,
number one, a whole food, minimally processed,
start to fat. So, you know, whole food form
is like nuts and seeds, avocadoes and durians.
Other whole foods, I do not advocate the use
of the oils, you know. One of the thing I
have seen that if you eat enough leafy green
vegetables, you can get enough fats from your
diet. The problem is, most people don’t eat
enough leafy greens. My goal is to eat 2 pounds
of leafy greens a day, especially for those
essential fats. The omega-3 fatty acids are
really critical. There’s essential fats and
non-essential fats, you know. We can make
some fats, but we need to get some from our
diet. The omega-3’s are critically important,
based on my research, and the standard person
in America, even many raw foodists, are not
getting enough omega-3’s. This is in portion
because they’re eating the wrong types of
fats. Not only is it important that you get
the right type of fat, but you wan tot the
right ratio of the fat as well. So that’s
why I would encourage people to focus on some
omega-3 rich fats. So, you want to get eh
right kind of fats as well, and I believe
the omega-3’s are super critical. I mean,
even if you’re eating nuts and seeds and you
eat almonds and sunflower seeds which are
often used in, you know, raw nut pates and
gourmet raw recipes, those could really off
balance your 3:6 ratio, which could really
jack you up. So, we not only want to get the
right types of fats, whole food fats, we want
to get the right kinds of fats, right kinds
of essential fats, you know, favoring the
omega-3’s instead of the 6’s. So, for me,
personally, I tend to eat about 15-20% of
fat and this is, you know, I don’t calculate
is every day. What I do is every day my diet
consists of mainly fresh fruits and fresh
vegetables. I have about a handful, maybe
2, at most of nuts and seeds a day, and that’s
how I get my fats. I feel great on this diet.
I want to encourage everybody to eat the appropriate
amount of fat for the. You know, the strength
of a chain is determined by its weakest link.
Fats are super important and critical when
we get an ideal amount for us. We don’t want
to get too few, and, you know, maybe restrict
all fats ’cause they’re evil, but we don’t
want to get too many, either. So, hopefully
after watching this episode you’ve learned
10 reasons why you should go from a high-fat
raw vegan diet to a low-fat raw vegan diet.
You know, many gourmet raw foodists use nuts
and seeds as a base and oils, you know, as
a main source of the calories. I’ve seen some
raw vegan recipes, you now, on YouTube, online,
that are 60%, 60% or more, calories from fat,
and I definitely believe that is to healthy.
I want to encourage everybody out there that
eats more than a handful or 2 of nuts or seeds
a day to minimize the fat content and make
recipes that show more fresh fruits and vegetables,
without the oils and a minimal amount of nuts
and seeds, which I think can be healthy in
the right portions. Hopefully you guys enjoyed
this episode. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube
channel for more videos lie this where I interview
other pioneers at the Woodstock Food Festival
as well as have videos on my own, spreading
the message abut eating more fresh fruits
and vegetables, ’cause that’s what I truly
think it’s all about. So, once again, my name
is John Kohler with okraw.com. We’ll see you
next time, and remember, keep eating your
fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re always
the best. Alright, this is John Kohler with
okraw.com. Today I have another exciting episode
and this is going to be the one, if you live
anywhere in the San Francisco bay area, you
will want to pay attention to.

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  • The liferegenerator made a lot of interesting points there. I will check him out. Thanks for this John.

  • Could anyone tell me why my dry skin got better when I stopped consuming fat and oil? Is this due to insulin? Answer please.

  • I need some kind of fat to make a cannabis tea.. can u name any kind of fat that's water soluble so it will take all the cannabinoids it to itself?

  • Well, the first guy you invited does not look like healthy. He is way too frail for a man. Go check the blood type diet and you will understand why I feel better in a high fat raw vegan diet.

  • Hi John, I was thinking just like you and then I began to study this thing called Ketogenic  and Ketosis where your body switches over to being a fat burning machine. I have metabolic syndrome so my body is resistant to insulin. It made it impossible to lose weight.  Just look into the Ketogenic diet for weight loss. It works and doesn't cause heart disease. Because your body becomes a fat burning machine your blood lipids actually go down from eating more fat. There is a lot to learn my friend. Take care

  • check it out there are athletes breaking records for one hundred mile foot races and things like this from doing hi fat ketogenic diet. Your body can only store up a small about of glucose in muscle tissue and when you hit the wall that is when the glucose is depleted. If you are a fat burning machine which can take weeks and weeks to become an efficient fat burner then you can have many times more access to energy from fat rather than running out of glucose.    

  • ketogenic diets also cure cancer because you starve the cancer cells from sugar. Just like Hippocrates Health Institute cut out the carbs a sugar and starve out the cancer 

  • Lol, eating nuts and oil is "complicated", what!? Some of these people have such giant egos and are bizarrely extreme about this. Good fats are important for our heatlh and I think it's crap that they are vilifying it in this way. It reminds me of an ED mindset (I'm combating ED behavior as well) where people are terrified of having fats in their diet, when in reality, if they incorporated more fat, they'd reap the benefits in both appearance and health.

    People should NOT fear fat like this.

  • thanks for the awesome info! i started raw as high-fat and i got sick and gave up on raw! now i decreased fat a lot and i can see the difference! 

  • Yes, the main problem with raw vegans who eat high fat is that most of the fat they eat is polyunsaturated, which causes the mass production of estrogen and slows thyroid and metabolism. Also, with fructose from fruit, your body can make  its own fat that it needs. Also, omega 3's are not essential. You do not need fat to culture a cell in a lab — just glucose. Dr. Ray Peat has written about polyunsaturated fat and how it is not only not essential, but unhealthy. The only fats that are safe are those which are not highly rancid (saturated fat). Coconut and cocao butter are the only safest and low PUFA fats.

  • Just change the fat percentage until you feel good. Too much fat and my skin feels oily, too little fat than I feel like I'm missing satiaty

  • Everyone is different! Just like the liferegenerator said. You know I have a fast metabolism! I'm running on high energy, I need those beans, avocados and brown rice and seed and nuts. I eat my fruit and other veggies but whatever I know myself and I've never been fat even before I turned vegan. This videos only applies to some people mainly the slow metabolism types trying to stay thin. I'm trying to get thicker or at least not lose what I have. No thanks lol

  • I will do that when I want to die and hate the world lol….

    But I like my six pack abs and muscle so… I will stick with a high fat diet.

  • I  really want to do this 80/10/10 diet but I don't want to lose all my muscle.  Can I keep my muscle if I change?

  • are you talking about people who are in ketosis? or are you talking about people who are eating fats AND carbs? because if you are in ketosis, you CAN make glucose out of fat to run your brain, and I dont really see how you would be overly sluggish, but if you get too full on only fats then just time the fats to the evening or whatever. fats are needed for hormone balance during rest especially

  • Again, it's not black and white.

    I'm sure some vegans are viewing this because they feel fine on a moderate-to-high fat vegan diet.

    I know I have. Not exactly raw, but I lived off of protein/fat nut bars, but milks, and a few carbs, and I actually lost weight. When I tried the starch solution, I was always tired. When I tried 80/10/10 I get really sick.

    Some of us are fat burners vs sugar burners.

  • I love meats…but in the past few years my diet of meats has drop by HALF! I wonder if this is normal as you age? I'm eating a lot more green and carb (which I'm cutting down too)…I'm afraid I may stop eating meats completely within the next few years.

  • Diet should be customized for each individual. Just because low fat works for some people doesn't mean that it will work for everyone. Diet should be modulated according to the needs of the individual.

  • This guy John, doesn't look fit. He talks a good time about being raw but how does his physique look. I think I rather relate to someone like Tim Van Orden that looks fit. Raw Veganism resonates more to me with someone that is fit and looks the part.

  • Honestly, what's wrong with fats? I don't get it. I'm asking fats on a VEGAN diet as in fats from peanut butter, cashews, almonds, and other nuts, seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.) avocados, etc. I don't see what's so wrong about eating a lot of those. Can someone explain? Why should eating those be kept low? 🙁 Is it because of the whole "Fat makes you fat" argument?

  • What do you think about HFLC ketogenic diet?
    Dan McDonald made a few good points giving some support for (maybe not the carb part) high fat.

  • ladies: check w/your dr on fat requirements. our hormones need fats, especially during midage when hormones drop. that is also when extra weight usually happens & women go on diets which is the time our system needs the extra weight/fat!

  • Freelee is an overeating greedy prick, we only have to eat food which is enough for us, we don't have to over do it, eating is sustainable to the environment, i am a raw vegan who eats moderately

  • Then there is the flip side of this, High fat low carb. You don't need sugar for your body to run off of. It will run off of Ketones, which is a much better fuel to run off of. But anyways been watching your shows for a long time, and at one time was a raw food eater. Now I am high fat moderate protein low carb. Works very well for me. Science is changing there theory on Fats and sugars, they have come up with a lot of proof that they where wrong in how the body works. But enough about this, I wish you well and a good life.

  • Nobody knows what the ideal diet is for evryone our bodys are diff. what works for me may not work for someone else so i say experiment with what works for you and you will find your ideal way of eating.

  • I think around 20% of calories from fat is a good amount. I know you can run into problems on less than 10% fat, but about 20% is probably the best. For me, keeping my fat for the end of the day seems to work. I'm not fully raw, but I am around 70-75% raw at this moment, with a goal to get to 95% raw before the end of the year. I'm a huge fan of getting most calories from fruits and vegetables, but eating way more veggies than fruit because they are lower in calories, but have way more nutrients, minerals, and so on.

  • This is SO TRUE. I am a raw vegan and have noticed whenever my fats are high – too many avocados and nuts I feel MUCH more tired especially in the afternoons and in the mornings upon waking up. It's a drastic difference and for a while I did not realize it was the fats. Now I feel WAY better without fats I find them a bit addictive so it is a fine line I guess for me. Great video!

  • There's nothing wrong with being on a high fat diet (keto). In fact, fat is not the problem. The problem is when you combine a high fat diet with high carbs and sugar. Eliminate the sugar (bread, pasta, cereal, high amount of fruits) and the high carb and you'll feel much better while improving your health. I was raw for 4 years, and i'm now on the keto diet while still consuming raw veggies with less quantity of fruits. I love it.

  • I've been "high" fat since I started, but I'm only eating whole food fats. Nuts, seeds, coconuts, avocados, but I'm still eating 2 lbs. of greens, copious amounts of fruits, and vegetables by the barrel full. I don't like too much fruit, too much fat, but I could eat vegetables all day. I may be around 30-40% fat, but I do eat most of my fats towards the end of the day. I think timing is key. Eat most of your fats on an empty stomach and don't eat more than half your calories from fat. We're all different and we all come from different places and our diets will reflect that. Make sure they are WHOLE FOOD fats with plenty of fiber in the fatty foods. To each their own if they're listening to their body.

  • have a big jar with all sorts of nuts and seeds u eat in a month
    calculate their omega 3:6 ratio to be in the 2:1 to 1:4 range
    requires no further calculating thruout that given month (except of course if u use other fat sources like oils and coconuts)..just eat them up by the end up the month

  • these extremists must have had major food issues…too much of any food isn't good…all that fruit is bizarre…why can't they eat mostly raw and just add a little potato or steamed veggie hear and there…or a little avo in salad? they will not live forever or achieve "enlightenment"…fruit euphoria…..what a crock of shit. the more i watch, the crazier they sound…or some encourage you to move to costa rica or some tropical paradise so you can be closer to your bananas..haha!!! some of us like the change of seasons, what an evil thought!

  • I am not an advocate or a fan of ketosis in fact I don't like it at all and I am a raw foodie but this video sounds a bit anti ketosis , I don't think ppl should worry to much about other food diets and feel threatened by them , there are many different ways to be healthy but of course the best is raw but again it's not the ultimate because we need outside sources of b12 and fat for the brain such as epa idols that we can't get from plants sceptical sea lave so this tells me that even a raw plant based diet is in affect inadequate , I eat a lot of beans and lentil as I feel that they are an amazing source of nutrition and they contribute to longevity . Each to there own but the yelling against the waterfall and the urgency of anti fat speeches was definitely in the vain of anti ketosis message . Let ppl eat however they wish to eat and get on with living ur life

  • I agree with you, John, but not the people you interviewed, especially Tim Van Orden. I do better on a higher fat diet and lower carb rather than low fat and high carb. I don't eat many fruits, I eat mainly greens and non-seeded vegetables, coconut, avocado, nuts, seeds and other healthy fat sources.

  • Vegans eat so many carbs that if they eat high fats also, they will have serious problems. Combo of high carb and high fat = deadly. Huge insulin spikes. Bad enough that they eat high carb. They all look skinny and ill.

  • I disagree. When I mix fat with my smoothies i.e. cashews or but butter with greens and fruit I feel so much better and have more energy than I would just mixing fruit and Green's

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